Chapter 1568 - A Slap In The Face, Xiao And Luo

Chapter 1568: A Slap In The Face, Xiao And Luo

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This was indeed a tower kill.

The second Bo Jiu finished speaking. The assassin hiding in the bushes on the top lane had already started rushing to this side.

From God’s perspective, they could clearly see that this was a sign to attack.

When the troops came, the tank from the opposite team started a team battle using this opportunity.

After the assassin caught up with the tank and the ADC started dealing damage from the back, Mo Bei might really be in a dangerous position. This was what the soundcaster outside was saying.

However, the next second, the soundcaster suddenly got excited. “Wait! He dodged the attack! Orbwalk! Another orbwalk! Oh my god, two snake-shaped orbwalk. Is this the Z-turn? Beautiful!”

The screen got pulled up and the public was able to see what was happening in the game clearly.

Bey used her blade to block her opponent’s ultimate attack. Then, she turned around and evaded the next critical hit.

In front of the computer, Mo Bei moved her mouse. Her left hand was moving up and down furiously at an extremely fast speed. Of course, she wasn’t able to evade the attack from the ADC, but she remained under her defense tower. And managing to evade two lethal attacks, she escaped from death.

Everyone thought that it would end like this, but unexpectedly, at this moment.

Mo Bei swept her hand up and released an iconic ultimate move. She dealt all the damage on the tank that was the closest to her and was standing under her tower.


The first drop of blood!

Mo Bei instantly became the person with the highest finances!

The three trainees froze at the next second.

They were sitting beside Mo Bei. Because of this, they clutched their mouse much tighter. How did this brat manage to do it! They didn’t reinforce him but he still killed the hero himself.

Some fans that were standing behind the team or looking at the live stream became speechless when this scene appeared in front of them. After all, they heard that the Supreme Alliance recruited people based on their appearance this time. That was why they came over to express their opinions.

However, now, when they looked at her orbwalk and the two extreme orbwalks she made, even though they weren’t professional players, they could tell that this was an amazing operation.

In order to evade her opponent’s attack she needed to know her opponent’s location beforehand and know when he was going for a tower kill. When you were able to predict this point, you would be able to escape death.

What made everyone froze in awe was Bey’s counter-kill. She used the attack from the defense tower to take the first blood. This wasn’t something anyone could do.

“Her playing style is still so fierce.” Bo Jiu smiled. Then, she leaned back and gave an evil smile. “Little Mo Bei is angry.”

Coco tilted her head. “Did you teach her this move?”

“As her master, I have to guide her and teach her a few moves, right?” The lazy aura around Bo Jiu remained the same. She had one hand in her pocket as she stood up and said something. She wasn’t worried about other people saying that she was biased. She wasn’t worried that her words would be recorded either. “Bey, hurry up and finish the game. After you’re done, accompany your master to eat crayfish.”

Many people watching the live stream recognized Spade Z’s voice. Comments started flooding the screen.

“Accompany your master?”


“What the f**k, what is happening? My God Z has taken in a disciple?”

“Is this the person who got in through connections?”

“Something about making God Z happy. Actually, if you’re able to make God Z into your master, you must be amazing. I didn’t expect this.”

Mo Bei couldn’t see the comments but she heard her master’s voice. She was using her earpiece which only allowed her to hear her captain and vice-captain when they stopped the match temporarily. But, she wasn’t able to converse with her master. When her hero was returning to the base, she typed a reply on the screen. ‘Okay.’

The next second, another announcement appeared on the live stream platform.

Administrator Spade Z had been kicked out from the platform by Qin Mo. The reason was ‘Too noisy’.

Bo Jiu couldn’t talk to her disciple anymore. She turned her head and asked Coco. “Am I noisy?”

Coco didn’t reply to her.

The sound of notifications was heard from the Almighty’s discussion group.

Bo Jiu clicked the chat open.

The message from the world’s most handsome fatty entered her vision: ‘Hahahaha, he is jealous of Bey but he says that Little Spade is too noisy. Qin Mo, you’re a cold-looking person but you’re actually quite funny.’

Bo Jiu sent a few full stops over as her reply.

World’s most handsome fatty: ‘Little Spade, I heard that your disciple is a little poker face who doesn’t speak much. Can you ask her if she wants to come to our Xiangnan Team? Our captain is a man of few words too. They will be compatible. It isn’t suitable for her to stay on your team. She will hinder your dates. How embarrassing will that be?’

Bo Jiu lowered her head and typed a few words: ‘I can put her there for a few days but you have to teach her some things. If not, there’s no reason to send her over.’


World’s most handsome fatty: ‘What the f**k, Little Spade, how can you be so shameless? You don’t want to give the person to us but you want us to teach her skills? I won’t consider this suggestion. I have my principals.’

Bo Jiu sighed loudly as she replied: ‘My disciple is a good chef. The dishes she makes are delicious. How unfortunate. I didn’t know you had principals.’

‘When is a good day to meet up? Will you come to Xiangnan or shall I go over to the Supreme Alliance? Forget it, I think that I should go over to your club. I can’t stay in the Xiangnan Team anymore. Ever since the captain and Luoluo started dating, I feel that I’m a huge lightbulb even though they didn’t act differently as compared to normal times.’

Bo Jiu: ‘There’s no need to think. You are.’

Lin Chentao: ‘There’s no need to think. You are.’

Rao Rong: ‘There’s no need to think. You are.’

The people below all replied using the same format.

After more than ten replies.

Luoluo: ‘There’s no need to think. You are.’

‘The party involved has appeared! Fatty, can you have some self-awareness? Don’t always stay in the club and be a lightbulb.”

When Luoluo saw this sentence, her fingers stopped abruptly. Just now, she just followed everyone and teased Fatty like how she always did in the past. She didn’t expect them to be talking about her captain and her. She only knew this after scrolling up.

It was too late when she wanted to delete the message.

The most important thing was, after she scrolled back down, she saw this sentence right at the bottom.

Xiangnan Captain Xiao: ‘Sanpang, you can take a rest.’

World’s most handsome fatty: ‘Captain, I just arrived. I still want to watch the live stream of the match.’

Xiangnan Captain Xiao: ‘Go and have some rest.’

Spade Z: ‘Hurry up and take a break, Lightbulb Fatty.’

Luoluo didn’t continue reading the conversation. That was because her entire mind was already on that person.

What did he mean when he asked Fatty to get some rest? If Fatty really went back there would only be the two of them left in the observation room.

Luoluo raised her eyelids and looked at the person sitting beside her.

At the same time, Xiao Jing put down his phone and turned his head to look at her. His gaze was extremely deep.

Zhao Sanpang felt his heart aching when he saw this scene. “Captain, I will go and take a break now.”

“Okay.” Captain Xiao was always stingy with his words.

But, Zhao Sanpang still felt that as a single man, he was hurt. However, he also knew that Luoluo would leave the club after three days.

Three days later, she would retire for real. Then, she would probably not come back anymore. She was able to wear her team uniform for only three more days.

Zhao Sanpang suddenly felt the keyboard in his hand gaining weight.

In the end, he smiled. Indeed, he should give them some time alone. If not, these two people really didn’t look like a couple.