Chapter 1569 - Untitled

Chapter 1569: Untitled

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After Zhao Sanpang left, only the two of them were left in the captain’s office of the Xiangnan Team’s base.

At first, she didn’t feel anything, but now, Luoluo suddenly realized that they were sitting a little too close.

In the past, this was how they would sit and watch other team’s live streams.

Maybe it was because their identities were different or maybe it was due to what he said in the discussion chat group.

Luoluo calmed her heartbeat and looked at the person once again.

She thought that he sent Zhao Sanpang away because he wanted to tell her something.

One minute passed. Two minutes passed. Three minutes passed.

He was still looking at the live stream of the competition.

Speaking of it, whether it was their relationship or their style of interaction. It was the same as the past.

Did he really understand the difference between being a boyfriend and being a captain? If they continued like this, there wouldn’t be progress…

Luoluo did think about taking the initiative but she knew clearly that this person never liked someone who was too proactive.

When she was doing her live stream in the past, he would throw a jacket at her. This was how old-fashioned he was.

Besides knowing that he didn’t like it, she was more worried that he would really think that she was that kind of person. Even though she knew that he wouldn’t.

Luoluo straightened her back when she thought about this. Her hair flowed down and she wanted to say something.

He raised his hand before she could speak and tapped the screen with the tip of his finger. “How do you think this newbie from the Supreme Alliance will play?”

Luoluo paused and smiled. “As Z’s disciple, he should have a unique style of fighting. But either way, the three players on his team will have to be disappointed. Bey won’t be disqualified in this match. Instead, more people will know about him because of the difficult situation he’s in. This is the esports world. This is the reason why we work hard.”

When you were discriminated against, when you got isolated, when other people judged you maliciously. Every time, you feel that you should just give up directly.

No one would believe that you really came this far using your own ability. Yet, at this moment, another voice would appear.

You can only prove your ability in a competition. You must become a member of a professional esports team and play for everyone to see.

These were her thoughts in the past.

Now, she saw the same method being used on Z’s disciple.

Luoluo had an indescribable feeling.

She felt that the reason why she wanted to stay here wasn’t because she loved esports so much. Some industries were able to deplete all your enthusiasm. What she really liked were the team members around her.

He probably felt the same way. That was why when he heard that she wanted to retire. He asked her whether he was suitable to be her boyfriend if she was looking for one.

After interacting with him for some time she realized that he just didn’t want her to retire.

Luoluo didn’t know if she should be happy or sad. She was happy because he would always be her captain. And she was sad because he would only be her captain.

Even now, he still acted the same around her. He would ask her the same questions and let her analyze all the members of the Supreme Alliance. He was still training her team management skills unconsciously.

She wanted to tell him. She really, really, really liked him, but, if he was only taking care of her as her captain. If he just wanted to stop her from retiring. There was no need to use this condition.

If there was a chance, she wanted to continue too. However, she knew that her presence would only lower the combat ability of the team.

Also, sometimes, other people might say that as the team that allowed her to stay, Xiangnan wasn’t that good.

What Luoluo didn’t say was that she stayed here because she yearned for his care and gentleness. Even if it was only for three days.