Chapter 157 - A Successful Gay Meetup!

Chapter 157: A Successful Gay Meetup!

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Feng Shang jumped up from his seat after viewing the last message from Fu Jiu, and he started to very carefully pick out his clothes.

Meeting his idol last time had been too much of a coincidence.

Not like this time.

To be precise, this was their first legit gay meetup!

And it was not just a one-on-one meeting, but a meeting of teammates!

Although Feng Shang had never met someone from the game before, he had read a lot about it in novels.

Gay meetup between teammates—that was pretty much like meeting with the girl you love, even your heart rate jumped up a lot!

One had to admit that Feng Shang was truly excited. He was so excited that he waited outside the internet café one hour prior to their meeting time.

Anyone who lived in northern China would know how the weather in late autumn was. The cold winds were like daggers that hurt your face, but nothing could stop Feng Shang or cool down his boiling blood.

The driver who dropped him off worriedly came back. He rolled down the window and said, “Second Young Master, why don’t you wait inside?”

“No,” Feng Shang insisted, “I want to give them a surprise. You go ahead, and don’t let my big brother know about this.”

The driver had no other choice but to drive off.

The owner of the internet café noticed him. He locked the host computer and walked out. “Hey, young man, why are you standing outside?”

“I-I-I’m waiting for someone,” Feng Shang was still stuttering.

The owner held the door. “Waiting for someone? Meeting a game friend? Come in, I have big windows. Stand inside; they will still be able to see you.”

Hearing that, Feng Shang widened his eyes. “How do you know that I’m waiting for a game friend?”

“I own an internet café, and every day there will be three or four people meeting up here to play Hero. Playing together side by side isn’t anything new by now.” The owner held a cigarette loosely in his mouth, looking like a vagabond.

But he successfully convinced Feng Shang, and in that moment, he seemed to understand why his idol wanted to meet here. The owner was pretty nice?

After half an hour, Fu Jiu walked in with Xue Yaoyao, and she saw Student Feng was standing there faithfully with a cup of milk tea in his hand. He was chatting with that owner while stuttering.

“Looks like you made a new friend while I wasn’t here.” Fu Jiu took off her school blazer while she was talking and threw it on the sofa. It was hot inside, so she had to take it off.

The owner looked up to the young man. “So he is YOUR friend. Let me be clear, I’m still charging for this milk tea.”

“Alright, how much, we’ll pay after the game,” Fu Jiu winked and looked extremely handsome.

Feng Shang was embarrassed. “I-I-I don’t have cash on me, so-so-so…”

“You treated me last time, so this time is on me. And let’s have dinner here since we still have games to play later. The owner has awesome food here,” Fu Jiu intelligently complimented the owner, acting like it was just convenient.

The owner looked very happy as he held his cigarette in his mouth. “Sure, what do you want to eat? Write the dishes down, I will prepare them.”

“Did you hear that?” Fu Jiu smiled slightly and turned her head. “I forgot to introduce you. Yaoyao, this is Feng Shang. You can also call him Awarding You a Slap of Pleasure.”

Xue Yaoyao was shocked. She thought that according to <Award You A Slap Of Pleasure’s> style in the game, he would be a buff man with a deep voice, or that kind of big guy who picked on his feet in public.

Who would have thought…he would be like this…

“Cough.” Student Feng coughed heavily and said seriously, “I-I-I put money into my account already. Let-let-let me take-take-take you flying in a bit.”

Xue Yaoyao: “…”