Chapter 1570 - What Is Team Spirit

Chapter 1570: What Is Team Spirit

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Xiao Jing was still watching the live stream so he didn’t notice the change in Luoluo’s emotions.

Mind you, it wasn’t that simple to let Xiao Jing notice this thing.

On the other side, Zhao Sanpang didn’t have anything to do after he came out so he decided to go to the training room at the side and started his live stream commentary.

“Hello, hello, can you hear me?”

“Yes. The shoutcasters on the internet must have been affected by some rumors so their descriptions are too biased. Now, let me, your Master Fatty, tell you about the situation on the battlefield personally. The current game is at 1 vs 0. Truthfully speaking, getting this first blood wasn’t easy.”

“Don’t tell me all those unnecessary things. It’s obvious that the team members are isolating Bey.”

“However, I have to say that all of you don’t understand the Supreme Alliance. No, that’s not right. I should say that all of you don’t understand Little Spade. How can she choose her disciple based on appearance only? What on earth are you thinking?”

“What about me? Why can’t I enter the Supreme Alliance? Hmph, the person who says that I’m too fat, stop right there. I’m just being fat for fun. When I have a girlfriend like my captain, I will become Takeshi Kaneshiro. Okay, moving back to the main topic. Although Bey took the first blood, the rules of the competition stated clearly that the overall score is what will allow the players to enter the next round.”

“I’m biased towards Bey? Please understand this, young friend. I’m trying to pull Bey over to the Xiangnan Team. I’m not just biased towards him. Right, right. You really can’t understand how we think as geniuses.”

“Disappointed? You can feel that way. Your Master Fatty is someone that uses his face to earn money anyway.”

“The team members of Xiangnan have bad tempers because we didn’t become champions this year? Hahahaha, indeed, my temper has been bad recently. However, it has nothing to do with winning or losing. It’s just because my most important teammate is retiring.”

“Fine, let’s not talk about this anymore. Let’s go back to the competition. There’s one thing Bey has to be careful about. During a team battle, he has to see if his teammates will…”

Before Zhao Sanpang finished his sentence.

The first team battle in the wild had started on the screen.

Mo Bei went to reinforce her teammates. However, when Mo Bei finished using her skills and took a kill they didn’t come out immediately. They waited in the bushes and only appeared after Mo Bei died.

On the surface, it looked like a perfect harvest for the assassin, but if they appeared a little earlier they could have helped to tank some damage for Mo Bei.

Yet, no one did it.

Zhao Sanpang couldn’t help but cursed, “What the f**k, this is cunning.”

Some people disagreed with him violently. They said that Zhao Sanpang had a conspiracy theory. They were all trainees so why was he speaking up for Bey?

These people also said that the assassin killed so many heroes just now. Why was that cunning? Wasn’t this how the game was played? Winning was the most important factor.

These were the words of a non-professional. If these actions were done by a normal player there was indeed nothing wrong. If it was done by the players of other teams, there was nothing wrong too. However, the Supreme Alliance wouldn’t teach such skills to its members.

Also, they weren’t doing this to win. They were trying to push their teammate out to die. They wanted to drag his points down.

As the organizer, the Supreme Alliance couldn’t say anything. Once they claimed that this style of fighting was wrong it would cause a large turmoil.

The public only believed one thing currently. There was something wrong with the recruitment criteria of the Supreme Alliance. These three trainees really loved esports and they had been working hard for a long time. Why couldn’t they get selected?

Bey was selected internally. Someone who didn’t have team spirit wasn’t the esports in their heart.

Team spirit. They seemed to have misunderstood these two words. Team spirit was never something that non-professionals could understand.

What on earth was team spirit? Only the people in the team would know it.