Chapter 1571 - Fatty Compared Himself With Z. In The End…

Chapter 1571: Fatty Compared Himself With Z. In The End…

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In some people’s eyes these three trainees had become the representation of team spirit. After all, if it wasn’t for these three trainees, they wouldn’t know that the Supreme Alliance had become like this!

Under such circumstances both Bey and Spade Z would be an eyesore to them. Even the entire team was an eyesore because they felt that the team didn’t choose the players using their method. They felt that the team was destroying themselves. Hence, they wouldn’t watch this live stream logically.

All in all, the actions of these three trainees could be expressed with one phrase, teaming up.

Zhao Sanpang wasn’t the only one who noticed this. Bo Jiu saw through their intention too. She glanced sideways. The mole under her eye was shining brightly, but her gaze was cold. There seemed to be no warmth in them.

Coco shuddered unconsciously when he looked at her. He hadn’t seen Little Spade acting like this for a long while.

It should be known that this fellow was always professional at grabbing ladies’ hearts. Her lazy and cool aura could cause the heartbeat of the person beside her to accelerate furiously. Yet, today, she seemed exceptionally cold.

In the game, the three trainees started controlling the game.

After getting sold the first time Mo Bei stood in the bushes when she revived. She seemed to be in deep thought.

When Bey moved again, everyone saw it clearly. Bey had changed all his attacking items to half tank and half attack items. Then… she started building her finances furiously.

At the start, Bey just pushed the top lane, but now Bey finished half of the woods alone.

This way another round of mocking occurred. “Didn’t you say that his teammates abandoned Bey just now because they wanted to suppress him? Look at what Bey is doing now? He isn’t joining the team battles and is snatching the wild beasts from the assassin. Isn’t he trying to suppress his teammates too?”

“Ah, Master Fatty, why aren’t you speaking now. You can’t have such an obvious double standard. You might slap your own face.”

Zhao Sanpang chewed a piece of spicy beancurd skin and sniggered. “Come, let me explain this segment to the audience that understands. Normally, the wild will be given to the assassin. That’s absolutely right. However, this is the normal way of fighting. We are obviously not fighting normally now. Bey might be young but not stupid. They sold him once. How could Bey enter another team battle and get sold again? Any human will be able to understand the situation now. If they want to pull me now, I will not let them. After getting enough finances, Bey can make ample preparations. Relying on hand speed and orbwalk, Bey will be able to fight the opponents alone even if the teammates abandon him again. This is Bey’s tactic. There’s nothing wrong with it. What’s wrong with it?”

“I feel so helpless. You are just whitewashing Bey.”

Zhao Sanpang swallowed his spicy beancurd skin. “In your mind, Little Spade is black, Bey is black, Luoluo is black. There are no white people! We are all yellow-skin. Hey, hey, hey!”

‘I almost started singing along towards the end. Master Fatty is so poisonous.’

‘Master Fatty’s commentary is 666.’

‘Master Fatty, don’t eat so much. Even Captain Xiao has a girlfriend. Honestly speaking, you should start to consider your future too. Don’t keep dreaming about your female fans. Your fans are just a bunch of old men.’

‘Brother Fatty, let me give you a bomb to wake you up. I took a look around. Your female fans came specially to scold you. They have no other intentions.’

‘We know that you feel sad because Luoluo is retiring. I have some wine here. If you have any unhappy thoughts, you can tell us. Let everyone laugh at your unhappiness.’

Zhao Sanpang always felt that there was something wrong with his fans. He looked at his fans and then looked at the comments of Little Spade’s fans.

A bunch of pretty young ladies was saying, ‘Ahhhh my husband, you are so handsome today. Just now, the director showed us your face. I breathed in happiness.’

‘This is Spade’s girlfriend number one. What should I do when there are too many love rivals around me?’

‘Hubby, when are you going to do some commentary? Zhao Sanpang is doing commentary now. If you start a live stream, I will be satisfied just looking at your face.’

The style was entirely different!

Without comparison there was no pain!

Zhao Sanpang screenshot the comments and sent it on the public channel. He reminded his old men fans. “Look at the huge difference. I need to be loved and protected too. Do you know that!”

“Look at how heavy Little Spade is. Then, look at how heavy you are. Wake up.’

‘You competed with a lady and lost to her. Brother Fatty, honestly, you aren’t as handsome as Spade Z.’

‘Brother Fatty, are you trying to tell us a joke?’

There was no way to communicate with them! Zhao Sanpang hugged his fat body and shifted his attention back to the competition.

“The second round of team battle!”

“Do you think that Bey won’t participate in this team battle? You are wrong.”

“Look at the positions on the map. This team battle is near where Bey is.”

As Zhao Sanpang finished speaking the audience saw Bey holding the long sword and rushing towards the battle in an instant.

First, she locked in on her opponent’s ADC who had already lost some HP. Then, her other opponents came to reinforce their teammate.

Bey turned and struck sideways. She wielded the sword three times. She blocked two of her opponents and while the stun effect was still effective, she slashed her big move at them.

Almost immediately a sound effect was heard.


However, at this moment, Bey was in an extremely dangerous position. She had used all her skills so even if her opponent didn’t have full HP, she couldn’t kill him.

Obviously, the three trainees planned to use the same method to let Mo Bei die again. Then, they would enter and harvest their kills.

That way, even if Mo Bei had a double-kill, her score wouldn’t be high. She had died too many times.

But, the next second, Mo Bei made obvious changes to her way of fighting.

She didn’t attack the hero opposite her this time. After suffering the damage from a big move, she turned and escaped. She used her precise orbwalk to hide in the bushes. Then, she relied on her familiarity with the map as well as her prediction of her opponent’s movement to jump back into her defense tower.

At the same time, the assassin among the three trainees killed another opponent. He had three kills now.

In this case, the final result was that the assassin would be the MVP of this match, but they were infuriated that Bey got second place.

Their most ideal result wasn’t realized. However, they managed to fulfill one of their goals.

The MVP of this match belonged to one of them.

As long as the assassin continued to be the MVP in the next match, one of them would become the spotlight on this competition. Then it didn’t matter if they stayed in the Supreme Alliance anymore. There would be reporters and teams looking for them.

Regarding this result, there were definitely people who mocked Zhao Sanpang. “Master Fatty, you should really pull Bey over to the Xiangnan Team. Both of you are in second place. You’re compatible.”

“This time, he couldn’t continue selling himself as a genius. He’s just in second place.”

“If Spade Z remained firm to their decision even after seeing this result, I can only say goodbye to them. Don’t talk to me about major principles. I have liked the Supreme Alliance longer than you. When I bought their fan club items, I liked them sincerely. However, they’re too stubborn and obnoxious now. What is wrong with admitting their mistake? From the start of Spade Z’s issue until now, the Supreme Alliance will realize one day that everything is wrong. This includes covering up for Spade Z and keeping this Bey.”