Chapter 1572 - Spade Z?

Chapter 1572: Spade Z?

The three trainees exchanged glances with each other when they succeeded. They felt even more strongly that their method was right.

Coco was really a little angry. He even felt that in the future, if this kind of person entered the Supreme Alliance, they should just dismiss the team.

When this thought flashed past his mind Coco was stunned. That was because, in the past, he never had such a thought. No matter what difficulties he met, he wanted to persevere.

Thinking about it carefully. When Lin Feng officially announced his retirement, that was when this thought came into his mind.

The Supreme Alliance was liked by many people. They were able to endure all the scoldings but they couldn’t handle the love. Being liked meant that you mustn’t disappoint them. That is why you restrict yourself. That was why you couldn’t say some things. This was the only way to maintain the beautiful image people have of you in their hearts.

However, this wasn’t the reason why he started playing esports.

Coco moved his fingers as he sat there. He couldn’t seem to stand up.

Bo Jiu turned and glanced at him. “Isn’t it the half-time break now? Aren’t you going to eat?”

Coco buried his head in his chest. “I don’t have any appetite. Do we have to play with this kind of person in the future?”

“Coco, do I have to remind you?” Bo Jiu stood up, her side profile seeming devilish. “The competition hadn’t ended.”

Coco bit the rabbit’s ears. “That person had already gotten one MVP.”

“So what?” Bo Jiu’s shadow appeared on the ground as she stood against the light. “They can only be arrogant with teammates around them. Once they become opponents, it won’t be so easy.”

She suddenly put one hand beside her lips and shouted, “Bey, come over here.”

Coco’s expression changed instantly. He quickly pulled Bo Jiu back. “Little Spade, are you crazy. If you interact intimately with Little Beibei now, they will believe what those three trainees said even more. They will believe that Little Beibei entered through connections.”

“What if I take off the team uniform?” Bo Jiu unzipped her jacket and threw the black jacket on the chair. She pushed one hand against the railings and jumped into the arena the Supreme Alliance created specially for this new selection competition. Then, she put one hand in her pocket and gave an evil smile. “I can just retire.”

Coco was flabbergasted.

The people watching the live stream could hear Bo Jiu’s voice.

Because they were able to hear her, comments started flying across the screen.

‘What the f**k, what is happening?’

‘It’s fake, right? Big Spade is going to retire? Retire?’

‘Why? Why are they retiring whenever they want? What are they trying to do?’

“Almighty Qin, don’t say anything. Quickly retract what your wife said about retiring!”

‘I feel that the members of the Supreme Alliance treat retirement as child’s play.’

‘It’s not child’s play. She isn’t wearing her team uniform. Also, Almighty Qin is there but he didn’t stop her.’

Indeed, Qin Mo was standing there. He looked just like how people first saw him. He was wearing the black team uniform. When he looked at the youngster who was laughing heartily, his gaze always felt warmer.

Bo Jiu stood there, disregarding the uproar around her.

The three trainees didn’t expect her to say such a thing.

She stood in front of them directly.

“Before I retire, let me say one thing. The Supreme Alliance isn’t yours. It is founded by Qin Mo and Feng Shang. Its original members include the FengYun duo and Youngster Coco. It’s not any other people. Using interest as an excuse is useless. What supported this team until now are the people that believed in it silently, from the start until now. No matter what the Supreme Alliance becomes, they won’t come when it’s at its peak and won’t leave when it’s at its lowest. This is what they are doing.”