Chapter 1573 - 1V3, should be fine?

Chapter 1573: 1V3, should be fine?

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“You can use morals against the Supreme Alliance but it doesn’t work on me since I have never been an entirely good person.”

Having said this, Bo Jiu turned and said, “Bey, come here.”

It was an audio live stream so the people couldn’t see how Bo Jiu was like, but just the voice alone was enough for them to imagine the scene.

She was still handsome beyond everyone’s expectations, standing there with her messy silver hair, not driven by anyone.

Over on the other end of the computer, Zhao Sanpang was laughing hysterically. “As expected of Little Spade, so cool. According to the feedback from the spectators, she had removed her uniform? It seems like she is really up to something.”

Little Mo Bei’s head was spinning. She didn’t care about anything else. She came to the Supreme Alliance because she likes to play Esports, and also because of someone.

Spade Z. Her favourite Esports player.

If there were hardcore fans, she would be one of them.

Everything would be filled with hope everytime she thought about joining the Supreme Alliance, fighting side by side with this person, and now, she was about to retire.

It came suddenly without any warning. As compared to everything else, none of it could measure against her retirement.

Little Mo Bei walked towards her and was just about to speak when she caressed her head, a smile on her face. She glanced down towards the little her. “My little disciple, you’re still adorable after being bullied.”

Little Mo Bei’s expressionless face turned slightly red. “No.”

“What do you mean by no, I saw everything.” Bo Jiu reached out and placed something in Little Mo Bei’s palm.

Little Mo Bei opened her palm. There was an armguard. The armguard was totally black, with the words “Supreme Alliance” embroidered in a dark coloured thread.

Little Mo Bei stilled as she saw the things in her palm, her pupils wavering.

Bo Jiu bent over and said something to her ears in a low voice. There was only a faint line. “Understand what I mean?”

Little Mo Bei squeezed her hand, and still had little to say. “Understand.”

“Then, go on.” Bo Jiu smiled.

“Mmh.” Little Mo Bei replied faintly, her small face extremely serious.

On the live stream, there were still many people asking whether Spade Z would really retire. After all, Spade Z wasn’t like the other members who weren’t in the best condition. If they didn’t retire, it would be difficult to continue gaming. Spade Z was at her peak in both her age and her hand speed. No one in China would be able surpass her in the coming year.

Many people didn’t understand why she wanted to retire.

However, it was simply, because she knew how important the Supreme Alliance was to that person. He persevered through all those years. She didn’t wish for him to have to watch those people join and have to think of ways to solve the situation.

There wasn’t anything malicious, it was a problem that every team will encounter at the end. After all, affection will change according to the situation. Moreover, with affection, people would think that they are right. And as the affection period increased, the demands would increase. That is human nature, a fundamental issue that cannot be resolved. To use one to exchange for another.

If there were people who used such a method to join the Supreme Alliance, or if they want to call themselves the Supreme Alliance. They had to wait till he or the others couldn’t see it anymore.

Bo Jiu has never been complicated.

Even Coco felt aggrieved.

Then no one joins!