Chapter 1574 - The Best Of All

Chapter 1574: The Best Of All

She was originally suave and ravishing. However, after she was done with Little Mo Bei, and was about to stand up, someone pulled her collar.

It was Qin Mo. He stood behind Bo Jiu, and spoke to the staff in a very low voice. “I’m taking her away. Count the scores of this game, and make a data graph. I want to know who is the best player in the previous match if we only calculate the damage value of a single player.”

He didn’t agree or disagree to Bo Jiu’s retirement and had instead made them do up a data graph.

Because of his decision, the three trainees’ faces suddenly changed. They know very well that a data chart based on their current performance has a certain advantage in terms of the participation rate and harvest. However, if it was according to the single player damage inflicted on the enemy, Bey would definitely be the highest.

It was the same for Almighty Qin, he only looked at the single-player combat ability, and not the cooperation between teammates?

Those that were listening to the live stream didn’t understand as well. “What is Almighty Qin up to? Doesn’t he believe the game generated data? It’s there for everyone to see.”

As the commentator, Zhao Sanpang said. “The best player in the whole game was originally known as the most effective person in the team. The damage that was inflicted on the player and the damage directed to the enemy would be analysed. When a team fight starts, who makes the most contribution? Those that had watched the entire game and those playing the game would know. Sometimes, a victory in a team battle may simply be because a good tank assistant had howled the big move at the most critical moment. It would not only protect the attacker at the back, but also cooperate with the assassin in the harvest, even if the player dies, he should still be the best.”

“Honestly, if someone hadn’t deliberately betrayed their team mates, everyone would be able to tell who the best player is. As for data provided under such circumstances, those that believe it can do as they please and those that don’t believe it can continue to watch on.”

“Qin Mo wants the individual with who inflicted the highest damage to the enemy, largely to find out the real best player. It wouldn’t be useful if the team chooses the members so casually.”

“Mmh, some girls might not understand but to put things simply, Qin Mo came out to bring Little Spade back since he has always been someone that gets jealous easily.”

“Alright, let’s stop, the next match has begun!”

The crowd were still immersed in Spade Z’s retirement, and hadn’t pulled themselves out of it. Just then, they saw the game scene appear on the screen.

This time, there were also ten people participating in the competition. The only difference is that it changed from a team battle to an individual match.

Everyone went back to their own camps.

The most difficult fog map was used. It was indeed a test of everyone’s fundamental skills.

Only those that have mastered this game would have the courage to challenge such a map, because the moment the game started, everyone’s position would be different. They would meet someone else the moment they moved, and before they had time to fight wild monsters to increase gold coins to purchase equipment, they would have started fighting.

Such circumstances were the greatest test of the player’s ability. The player with better orbwalk and game sense would be able to eliminate their enemy.

It was obvious that the three didn’t think that way. They are good friends and once they entered the game, they reported their positions to find each other. Thereafter, they started their encirclement and suppression.

One main player and the other two as support. The rules didn’t prohibit such collaboration.

Very quickly, a little hunk was eliminated in such a manner. He felt aggrieved, removed his headphones and smashed the keyboard.