Chapter 1575 - Three Kills! A Slap On their Faces!

Chapter 1575: Three Kills! A Slap On their Faces!

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It was a despicable method.

Coco lost track of the number of times he had bitten the ears of the bunny plush in his arms.

It is clear that the three trainees are well prepared, otherwise, they wouldn’t have used that set of excuses against the Supreme Alliance, rendering them stumped.

The Supreme Alliance would have to admit that there is a problem with their competition if they wanted to reject the result now. But once they admit to a problem with the competition, it meant that their words from before would become a slap to their face.

Coco was infuriated. “This is their aim. They went so far just to set this trap.”

“Mmh.” Rao Rong replied, and added. “If this goes on, the three of them will be the ones joining the Supreme Alliance.”

Indeed, they were originally the people who had passed the Supreme Alliance’s internal selection test, and that meant that their abilities are above ordinary gamers. So if the three of them teamed up, it would be difficult for the other participants.

However, to those that no longer believed in the Supreme Alliance, the three trainees weren’t wrong at all. It was because the competition is unfair.

Since it is unfair, they used their own methods to win.

The reason they would do this is also because the Supreme Alliance did not respect those that achieved through their own efforts. However, they had noticed the competition loophole ever since the start but hadn’t brought it up because they had wanted to abuse it. Hence, they had blamed the system for being unfair and hadn’t spoken about the loophole.

It was a meticulous method.

“But it wasn’t possible for Qin Mo to have missed out on such a loophole.”

Zhao Sanpang was bewildered.


Before Zhao Sanpang could process the thought, the second person locked by the three trainees appeared on the screen. But this time before they had started their attack, someone blocked them.

It was Bey.

At this moment, they realised that this time, Bey had used an assassin.

Among the white clothes fluttering, the figure passed through the jungle.

Almost everyone that was watching the live stream saw the words that appeared at the bottom of the screen, in the public chat. “1V3, come.”

Mo Bei didn’t say much.

If it had been Bo Jiu, she would have spoken casually, for instance, “Don’t you like 1V3? Daddy will play with you” but the effect was the same.

When the three trainees saw what she had said, they adjusted their positions. Since she was here to seek her death, they would satisfy her.

Bey was their ultimate aim. If she didn’t come to them, they would have gone to her. If they dealt with her now, it would save them from trouble later.

One of them, the player using the sorcerer role hid in the bushes strategically, waiting to control Bey when she arrived. The other two trainees stood in the middle, creating a visionary illusion.

It was a sinister playing style, but this was how the game works.

There wasn’t anything wrong with the method. If she didn’t discover the sorcerer, it was an issue with her skill.

As Bey slid over, Zhao Sanpang’s old and experienced heart started to worry. If it was Little Spade, he wouldn’t have been worried since such schemes were commonplace to someone like her. A seasoned player like Little Spade would definitely be able to see through such sinister tactics, but Bey wasn’t the same.

Bey is still new. And was said to be a young child.

Zhao Sanpang thought that the naive and innocent Little Bey, probably wouldn’t be suited…

Before he could finish his sentence, he saw the figure take an illusionary step. He thought that she would pass by the grass. However, she didn’t. Instead, she made use of the displacement to go back and forth. After cheating the opponent out of his big move, he glided over.

Zhao Sanpang exclaimed. “F*ck, this playing style!”

“It belongs to Spade Z?” A fan asked.

Zhao Sanpang bit the spicy strip in his hand aggressively. “Bullshit! How could Little Spade have taught such a despicable playing style? It is clearly something Qin Mo will execute. Back then, this was the orbwalk he used to cheat me of my big move!”

As his words landed…

When the trainee using the sorcerer realised what had happened, the figure was already behind him.

The long sword swept away, and the silver light fell. The familiar sound effect blasted through, First Blood!

The first drop of blood! But that wasn’t the end, after Bey exposed her tracks, the other two would definitely come down to support.

One of them had attacked her.

Little Mo Bei moved her mouse, hiding in the bushes with half her blood left.

She faced the two of them with only half a tank of blood.

One of them was a tank and the other an ADC so the chances of winning weren’t very big.

Zhao Sanpang didn’t comment because he knew that no one could become Qin Mo.

If it was Qin Mo, he wouldn’t have wasted the first drop of blood. However, it was commendable for Bey to have reached this step. More importantly, she didn’t panic, instead she made use of the map and started a Jedi orbwalk.

The two trainees were able to reach Bey. However, the next second Bey’s second skill recovered, she retreated back to her original position. She killed a beast and took a mouthful of blood.

Her hand speed was so fast that the audience could barely react.

Little Mo Bei started her second approach.

The two trainees wanted to blow her up directly, but she predicted their position one step ahead.

When the electric formation was cast, they thought that she was going to unleash a big move. However, Bey dashed towards them.

“Is there something wrong with her orbwalk?”

“She’s going to dash towards them?”

“This playing style seems rather amateur, she doesn’t seem like a genius.”

That was how the two trainees felt as well. They took the chance, prepared to take Bey’s life. They moved their left hand over the keyboard and executed all their attacks.

Right at this moment, Bey’s whole body seemed to be covered by a protective shield, and all the damage was absorbed immediately, with no blood lost.

It’s the golden shield!

When Bey dashed over, it wasn’t an amateur move after all!

Now they had lost their chance. How can an adc that has used up all his skills go against an assassin? Moreover, the assassin played so aggressively she probably didn’t have friends.

She could take his life in an instant. Even two at once.

Such playing style cannot be executed by someone who wasn’t familiar with the map, didn’t have fast enough hand speed, wasn’t aware of how to change their equipment and most importantly, someone who didn’t have game sense. But Bey managed to do it.

Double-kill, double-kill!

1V3. She won! She didn’t just win, it was a clean win.

Without any unnecessary words. It was so clean that everyone sunk into silence in that moment.

Of course, those who mock would continue. They would claim that there was an issue with her playing style, and that she had used Almighty Qin’s tactic, not her own. She couldn’t just eliminate three trainees like that.

However, it didn’t matter to the Supreme Alliance. It didn’t matter to Mo Bei either.

She glanced down and looked at the armguard on her right hand.

Even if it ended before starting. Even if she had only protected the team once. It seemed as though her dreams were fulfilled. Moreover, with this arm guard, it seemed as though that person was holding the mouse from beside her, and was fighting with her.

Little Mo Bei blushed silently as she continued to accept the challenges.

In the end, the results were flashed. The worthy best player for this match.

However, because of the results from the previous match, and according to the rules, Mo Bei could not be included in the Supreme Alliance. Because the moment she was qualified, it meant that the best trainee from the previous match would also be qualified.

Just as the crowd was discussing how to decide.

Qin Mo stretched out his hand and held down the keyboard. “There is nothing difficult about this. We will look at the individual player damage, the one with the highest will remain.”

One of the three trainees that had been awarded the best felt unfair. He knew that the live stream was still ongoing and asked. “Almighty Qin, is this how you choose players? Do you think this meets the standard?”

Everyone assumed that Qin Mo would explain. That was what he thought as well, otherwise, he wouldn’t have asked that question.

Unexpectedly, Qin Mo raised his eyes, his voice indifferent, and his whole body noble. “I created the Supreme Alliance, how the members are chosen and the standards are decided by me. Does it have anything to do with you?”

Just one sentence, slightly mocking, but the trainee froze.

On the other end, Zhao Sanpang laughed hysterically. “This is the first time I think Qin Mo’s deadly tongue isn’t bad. He can be confident because the team is his. Me? I wouldn’t have dared to say that. There are many seniors in the Xiangnan Team, unlike the Supreme Alliance which was started by Qin Mo. Honestly, how he chooses members doesn’t matter to anyone else.”

Some fans asked. “Since this is the case, why didn’t Almighty Qin say that at the start?”

After the thought from before, Zhao Sanpang shook his head and laughed. “Did you guys think that Qin Mo wasn’t affected when he saw so many people retiring? Aside from Yun Hu, he is probably the most affected over Lin Feng’s retirement. He is Supreme Alliance’s captain and after Lin Feng leaves, Yun Hu would leave and Rao Rong wouldn’t be able to play for long. In the past, I once said that you wouldn’t understand how it feels when the person who has accompanied you all these years retires. Do you think anyone can remain indifferent? You once asked how I felt; I feel complicated. I would even dream about my younger day, when me, Luoluo and Captain saw that aloof guy sitting on the long bench. That’s right, that guy is Qin Mo. Back then, I knew that he would become my rival. What do you mean by ‘I am bragging again’? If you don’t believe it, after my live stream ends, you can ask Qin Mo, which was his most difficult battle? It was definitely against us, the Xiangnan Team. Three years, we have been rivals for three years.”

Three years? Has it been that long?

As Zhao Sanpang’s voice came from the room beside, Luoluo leaned against the wall and laughed. Because even till this moment, she could remember the first time she met Qin Mo when she shut her eyes.

He was indeed aloof regardless of the outcome.

Fortunately, her best years were spent fighting alongside them.