Chapter 1576 - Why Do They Call You Young Lord

Chapter 1576: Why Do They Call You Young Lord

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On this day, Bey became the only member the Supreme Alliance recruited before it dissolved.

At that time, not many people knew that the Supreme Alliance would be dissolved.

Those that mocked continued, and dirt about the Supreme Alliance continued to increase. Some fans were disappointed, some stayed and some continued to support them.

It was cruel but no one would love a team forever. That was normal, but the people didn’t understand.

Their affection from before was enough for the recipients to feel grateful.

Hence, the next time Lin Feng appeared, he had already changed his outfit.

Just as Yun Hu had said, he was surprisingly suited to wear suits. It was probably because of his fair skin, when he pushed open the door to enter, even the watch on his wrist seemed lux.

“Young Lord, your guests have all arrived.” It was Grandfather Butler, he was still wearing an English tuxedo with a bouquet of roses broached on his chest. He was very gentlemanly. “I’m going to prepare dinner now.”

“Sure.” When Bo Jiu replied to him, she was still teaching Little Mo Bei how to pick a game nickname. Her words were as such, “A cute girl shouldn’t be called such a boring name. What about Obedient Disciple, it’s adorable and simple.”

Lin Feng loosened his collar. “Little Spade, which era did Grandfather Butler come from? Why does he call you young lord?”

Rao Rong who was preparing the ingredients turned towards them when he heard the question. He smiled, wondering how Z was going to answer him.

Bo Jiu smiled. “I didn’t intend to tell you guys but since you are curious, I will be honest.”

Lin Feng sat up straight and focused.

Bo Jiu lowered her voice. “Actually, my real father isn’t Fu Zhongyi. Just look at him, don’t you think his appearance is a bit lacking?”

Lin Feng’s eyes widened. “Did auntie…”

“No.” Bo Jiu interrupted his hypothesis. “Mother He has been helping my parents raise me. I was originally a nobleman but because of a war between the nobles, my parents were afraid I would be in danger. Since you read novels often, you should know how it goes.”

Lin Feng nodded. “I understand, I understand.”

Bo Jiu continued. “Mmh. Grandfather Butler sent me over since it was relatively unstable at that time. I came over at a young age and hence wasn’t sure of my identity. All these years, I haven’t kept in contact with them. Moreover, it was chaotic and my safety could not be guaranteed. Hence, Grandfather Butler didn’t reach out to me. But now that the situation has stabilised, Grandfather Butler came over. He calls me young lord because I’m the lord over at that side now that I have inherited the family property.”

Lin Feng thought about the most common plot in novels and his eyes widened. “Don’t tell me your family property includes a castle in the jungle.”

“Isn’t that a necessity?” Grandfather Butler appeared with the dinner cart at the right moment, turning to smile.

Lin Feng: “…”

Rao Rong: “….”

Coco: …Is the castle in the jungle a necessity? Wealthy young master Coco didn’t seem wealthy enough.

“How do you inherit this family property? I’m going to try it one day.” Coco’s gaze was filled with envy, he wanted to stay in a castle in the jungle!

Rao Rong’s lips twitched and he asked Qin Mo who was standing beside him. “Do they really believe Z? The war between the noblemen? Where did Z get the inspiration for creating such stories?”