Chapter 1577 - Her Youth

Chapter 1577: Her Youth

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Qin Mo glanced over and placed a book in his hand. “The origins of her inspiration.”

Rao Rong glanced at the book title and was enlightened.

“Overbearing School Hunk Falls For Me”

After turning a page, he became a little dizzy by the prefix inside – inheriting billions of dollars, castle princess, driving a private jet to school, etc.

Rao Rong held his temples. He started to feel like he was getting old and could not understand the youngster’s preferences.

They had hotpot. Every time the Supreme Alliance gathered for a meal, they would eat either BBQ or hotpot. Eating hotpot made their mood better.

This time was the same.

Lin Feng clearly drank too much, he didn’t even notice Qin Mo’s glance when his arms went over Bo Jiu’s shoulders. But today, Qin Mo didn’t seem to care.

It was because, both Lin Feng and Yun Hu were wearing suits and not the team uniform.

Lin Feng was telling Bo Jiu about his National College Entrance Examination. “Little Spade, let me tell you, you don’t have to feel worried at all. There is less than a month, so you should both enjoy and study. Don’t give yourself too much pressure and perhaps, you might do better than expected! The lessons in A University are insane, you will know when you enter. There isn’t any other university like it, the lessons are designed for those that excelled in school.”

Bo Jiu laughed lightly. “Flower Lin, don’t forget you’re a student of A University.”

“I studied very hard to enter.” Lin Feng lowered his voice. “If it weren’t for Yun Hu, I would have studied casually since i’m not very interested in learning, but now it’s different, I am learning both economics and business administration. I constantly feel like there is a gap if I don’t learn.”

Bo Jiu raised a brow. “You feel that way?”

“As a dominant, I would have to prepare for rainy days.” Lin Feng rolled up his sleeves and was prepared to take some beef.

Yun Hu was one step ahead of him, placing the beef in his plate naturally.

Bo Jiu glanced at him and tapped his shoulder. “Dominant?”

Lin Feng: …F*ck, why did he have to take beef for him at this moment!

“Cheers.” Bo Jiu laughed and hit his beer can.

Lin Feng was smiling as well.

Coco was still nagging at the side. “Don’t snatch my prawn, it isn’t cooked yet. F*ck, Feng Shang, are you a hungry ghost?”

“Shut up.” Feng Shang still blushed easily, and this time, he was drinking as well. “Do you know how I am? I am the best Chinese player in Zone C!”

Coco smirked. “Send me flying?”

Yao Yao laughed as she watched the two childish boys log into the mobile game. Next, she turned towards the row sitting in front of her and her gaze turned gentle.

They no longer wore the uniform.

Uncle wasn’t the only one, Almighty Lin and Almighty Yun didn’t wear it as well.

Even though they were wearing tailored suits, they would still tug at their collar, drinking beer like a youngster. Just like before, they were still snatching the meat in the hotpot, just like the first time they met.

None of them have changed. That’s good.

On this day, they were destined to play the whole night.

No one exposed it, but deep in their heart, they knew this was their farewell meal.

The next time Lin Feng would officially take over the Lins and would no longer participate in any competition and Esports activity.

Uncle Yin bought a ticket to Tibet, he said that he wanted to go for a walk. He had always been sitting in front of the computer, and also wanted to experience life.

Bo Jiu was about to take the National College Entrance Examination.

She was probably the happiest. To her, entering A University meant that she could officially make Princess Qin hers.