Chapter 1578 - Bo Jiu, Qin Mo

Chapter 1578: Bo Jiu, Qin Mo

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The National College Entrance Examination is extremely important to many people, but in the past, Bo Jiu hadn’t experienced it.

She was becoming unrecognisable even to Grandfather Butler. In order to marry Qin Mo, Lord Jiu worked very hard. Of course, that excluded her occasional mischiefs, when she read before bedtime to help her match making and storytelling ability.

Hence, the next day the Almighty stretched his hand out to a certain someone. “Give me your phone.”

“What are you up to?” Bo Jiu is such an open and candid person, of course she couldn’t just give up her phone so easily, not even to Princess Qin.

The Almighty has always been someone that wouldn’t give up unless he achieved his goal. He reached out his hand and took the phone out of her uniform pocket.

Bo Jiu said, “…Brother Mo, your actions seem very much like a girlfriend checking up on their boyfriend.”

“Oh?” Qin Mo raised his eyebrows indifferently. He slid his fingers to a few books, and was about to delete them so that a certain someone wouldn’t be placing her thoughts on irrelevant areas, causing her to neglect her boyfriend.

Bo Jiu moved her hands. “Don’t delete it, Brother Mo, the tactics I used to chase you were all learnt from these books and I haven’t used all the follow ups.”

“Is that so?” Qin Mo shifted his finger. “Seems like there is still some use.”

Bo Jiu laughed. “Of course it’s useful.” After reading those, she could better understand Yaoyao and Luoluo’s thoughts. When a girl falls for a guy, she doesn’t seem that selfish. However, her skin was probably too thick, or perhaps the person in front of her has never made her feel inferior. Because, ever since a very long time ago he had cherished her.

When she was still young, he would call her an idiot but would personally help her wash her hands and tie her shoelaces. It was so warm that after experiencing it, she couldn’t seem to forget.

That explains why she felt lonely when she drank alone on Fifth Avenue. It was because she hadn’t found the person she was looking for.

It’s good now.

Bo Jiu leaned forward, lowered her eyes and kissed the person sitting on the sofa lightly. She tossed the book bag with her laptop onto her shoulder, her gaze clear and evil. “I’m going to work, wait for me at home.”

When Qin Mo’s assistant saw the scene, he turned to look at Boss Qin, he was dressed casually, his lips lifted into a smile. He coughed. “Boss Qin, seems like Miss Jiu is the breadwinner. Is there any problem?”

“What’s the problem?” Qin Mo’s face is elegant, he scrolled through his phone and said. “Hustlers like yourself probably don’t understand the comfort of being pampered by your girlfriend. Since we aren’t in the same environment, it would be difficult to experience it.”

Qin Mo’s assistant: …Boss Qin didn’t feel ashamed and instead flaunted the affection with glory. This was too much!

“I found it.” Qin Mo’s finger paused.

His assistant thought it was something important and asked. “What are you looking for?”

He glanced over. When he saw the page, an indescribable expression covered his face. “This…”

“The book a certain someone has been reading, it’s where she learnt the methods to chase me. This must be her account.” Qin Mo replied indifferently.

Qin Mo’s assistant: But Boss Qin, why did you make an account too? Do you also read such books?

“It’s nothing.” Qin Mo glanced up calmly. “It’s to let others know about the couple reading accounts and to reward the author so that she would write more girl chasing guys tactics.”

Qin Mo’s assistant: …