Chapter 1579 - Untitled

Chapter 1579: Untitled

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To the Xiangnan Team this was probably the day they didn’t want to face the most.

That was because they needed to send someone off today. Someone who had stayed here for three years.

Three years. What did it mean? Three years was enough time for a senior high student to become a university student. It was enough time for a youngster to become a youth. It meant growth. At the same time, it meant parting.

Luoluo didn’t want to make it a grand event, but she didn’t know about after the news conference.

Why were the members of the Supreme Alliance all present?

Lin Feng was even wearing a suit. His figure was tall and slender, so the handsome Beauty Lin made an impression on everyone. Some people couldn’t even recognize him.

His Brother Fatty was still the same. Whenever he saw Qin Mo, he looked like he saw his arch enemy.

“Ice Cube Qin, who asked you to come? Come on, can you have some competitive spirit? This isn’t the Supreme Alliance. This is the Xiangnan Team, the Xiangnan Team! Why did you bring your team members over to Xiangnan!”

Qin Mo was wearing a cream-colored trench coat. He lifted his eyelids slightly and raised his hand to look at the time. “12:30.”

“What 12:30? I’m talking to you. Why are you telling me the time?” Zhao Sanpang was a little confused.

Qin Mo’s gaze was still cold. There wasn’t much warmth in it anyway. “As someone as broad-minded as the world’s most handsome fatty, you wouldn’t care much about competitive spirit, right?”

“Ah, of course!” Zhao Sanpang straightened his back when he heard this. “Just ask around. Who am I? I’m benevolent towards other people and live off my face. That’s me. What is a competitive spirit? We will win next year.”

Qin Mo didn’t care about his last sentence. He wiped his hand. “In that case, Master Fatty won’t mind treating us to a good meal, right?”

“It’s just a meal, right? There’s…” Zhao Sanpang paused halfway through his sentence. Then, he scratched his hair and said, “No wonder he suddenly complimented me. Little Spade, do you think that it’s appropriate for your man to act like this?”

Bo Jiu smiled. She replied to him naturally, “It’s suitable. As the host, Master Fatty should welcome us.”

Zhao Sanpang: … Actually, you aren’t here to send Luoluo off, right? You came here to be a freeloader.

Also, why did he ask Little Spade that question just now? In Little Spade’s eyes, it was suitable for that shameless Qin Mo to do anything!

“In that case, Master Fatty, we can give you the receipt for our high-speed railway here too.” Coco bit his rabbit’s ears and continued, “I’m very poor recently.”

Zhao Sanpang took a deep breath. He pointed to himself and then to Coco. “Wealthy young master, you are wearing branded goods from your head to your toe and you’re in the Supreme Alliance. Are you complaining that you’re poor to the Xiangnan Team? Where is your conscience!”

“Ignore the details. You also know that if I can’t play games properly in the future, I have no choice but to go back and inherit my family business. It’s an agony.” Coco had a serious expression.

Zhao Sanpang felt that he was going crazy.

Honestly speaking, a member of the Xiangnan Team was leaving. Why did the members of the Supreme Alliance come to join the party! But… looking at Luoluo’s expression, she should be very happy.

Zhao Sanpang turned his head. He saw Bo Jiu putting one hand into her pocket and carried a white rose with another hand. She placed the rose on Luoluo’s palm and smiled gently. Her smile was clean and handsome. “My goddess is going. I can’t bear to part with you.”

“If my idol Spade coaxes me, maybe I will stay.” Luoluo took over the conversation quickly. Her face was slightly red.

Bo Jiu smiled and stretched her hand out once again. “Shall we hug?”