Chapter 1580 - Xiao And Luo (1)

Chapter 1580: Xiao And Luo (1)

Before Luoluo could react someone dragged Bo Jiu back.

It was Qin Mo. His handsome face remained elegant and his voice was calm. “If you hug her, Coco and the rest will want to hug her too. Luoluo is a lady. Is she supposed to hug everyone? There are many young men here. You can’t forget about such etiquettes,”

Bo Jiu’s gaze paused for a moment. She knew that the Almighty was jealous but what he said made sense too. Forget it. She wouldn’t hug Luoluo.

Luoluo smiled at the same time.

Coco honestly felt that their captain was getting more and more shameless. He kept using them as an excuse. When did they say that they wanted to hug her?

Zhao Sanpang felt that there was nothing wrong with it! It was just a hug!

He took a step forward decisively. “If Little Spade doesn’t want to hug, let me hug.”

Lin Feng liked to be an audience at moments like this. He said while standing at the side, “Go ahead and hug her. After you hug her, you will be dead. Are you sure that your poker face captain won’t send you to heaven?”

Zhao Sanpang’s hands stopped abruptly in mid-air. What the f**k, why didn’t he think of this!

He couldn’t help but look at his captain.

Just as he was about to find an excuse to pull his hand back Luoluo reacted faster than him and leaned towards him. Her aura engulfed him. “Master Fatty, thank you for taking care of me for so many years. I know that the snacks you placed on your table are all for me to eat.”

Zhao Sanpang had already treated Luoluo like his family. They had been staying together for so many years. They went through thick and thin together for so long. It seemed as though a hug was the only way to express certain emotions.

“Take care of yourself in the future. Don’t work so hard and don’t bear everything yourself. You must listen to your Brother Fatty. A lady should know how to whine. That way, she won’t have such a hard time. Don’t always drink cold water. It’s not good for a lady. If you stop playing games in the future, you won’t have to stay up late anymore. Sleep early at night. I stuffed a huge box of wolfberry in your luggage bag. Remember to make some tea with them and drink. Also, in a relationship, you don’t have to give in to your partner too much no matter who he is. Men always don’t know how to treasure someone who treats them too well. All the men are the same. Qin Mo is an exception. He loves to rely on his woman recently but other people aren’t the same. Listen to your Brother Fatty…”

Since they were going to part there were many things he wanted to say. Especially when he was hugging a person in his arms.

His speech became longer.

Luoluo didn’t want to make her departure so saddening so she smiled gently and asked him back, “Brother Fatty, you seem to have forgotten that you don’t have a girlfriend.”

“I stay single based on my ability!” Zhao Sanpang always came up with famous quotes.

Lin Feng stood there and said, “I think that you use your ability to dig your own death. Aren’t you afraid that Poker Face Xiao will find you? Honestly, as a person who had experienced it before, let me tell you. Mr. Sanpang, do you know what the situation is now? My captain will glare at me the moment I touch Little Spade’s shoulder.”

Zhao Sanpang wanted to open his mouth.

Luoluo’s voice was heard. It was a little low so that person didn’t hear her. “He won’t.”

“Huh?” Lin Feng raised his eyebrows.

Luoluo smiled. “Our relationship is different from Qin Mo and Spade’s relationship. It’s a misunderstanding.”

This was the sentence that caused Bo Jiu to look over. “A misunderstanding?”

“He just doesn’t want me to retire.” Luoluo lowered her head. “Also, he noticed my feelings towards him so he accepted it. After all, I’m his teammate, someone whom he has taken care of for a long time.”