Chapter 1581 - Xiao And Luo (2)

Chapter 1581: Xiao And Luo (2)

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It was impossible that they were just teammates.

This was what Bo Jiu thought but she knew that she shouldn’t say it out loud.

This was a knot in their hearts, so it was better for Captain Xiao to untie it.

Lin Feng knew where the problem lies. Luoluo appeared to be a strong lady in all aspects but there were still things that she really cared about. Poker Face Xiao probably didn’t explain himself clearly, but…

“Luoluo, since Poker Face Xiao has already decided to be your boyfriend, you should think positively. If he doesn’t like you, he wouldn’t get together with you.” Lin Feng spoke very softly.

He didn’t want Xiao Jing to hear him. That fellow was amazing. Hadn’t he realized the problem?

Actually, it wasn’t because Xiao Jing wasn’t good enough. It was because after going through so many obstacles Luoluo really hoped that someone would tell her firmly that he liked her and wanted to stay with her.

Just like Yun Hu and him. If you really want to be together with someone for a long time, you must be firmer.

Lin Feng understood Luoluo’s feelings. She felt that the distance between her and her partner was too obvious. So obvious that sometimes, they weren’t confident.

As compared to him, Luoluo probably had a harder time, after all, there were already many people objecting to their relationship.

Luoluo smiled lightly, “I understand that he doesn’t hate me, but there are many different kinds of love too. Our love for each other is different. Actually, I’m too greedy. I’m clinging onto the tolerance he had towards me in the past. Even when I went on a blind date after I retired, he was the one who helped me to take care of all the rumors online. I’m his team member. I know that he’s someone who can’t bear to see his members suffering. I remember the first time someone talked bad about me. He gave a response too. I asked him about it and this was the reply he gave me.”

“You know that Poker Face Xiao isn’t good at talking.” Lin Feng honestly felt that Xiao Jing’s EQ was worrying.

Bo Jiu glanced sideways. “Is that why you think that he’s not treating you like a girlfriend? Because of what he said in the past?”

“Not entirely.” Luoluo combed her long hair. “I won’t think that way. The most important thing is the interaction now. I don’t feel like I’m dating him so far. Every time we get close, I will be extremely nervous. Yet, he just acts the same way as he did in the past. Sometimes, there’s even a distant feeling. This isn’t how a couple should interact. Most of the time, we feel like teammates.”

Lin Feng was a little confused. “Why can’t I understand what you’re saying?”

Luoluo smiled. She was very broad-minded as she replied, “To be more direct, I want to progress further but he doesn’t. Honestly speaking, this is very frustrating for a lady.”

“Ah, so it’s because of this…” Lin Feng’s face turned red. “Cough, why is it because of this?”

Luoluo continued smiling. “It can’t be helped. As an adult, when you like someone, you will want to get close to him. You will want to sleep with him.”

Bo Jiu smiled when she heard this. She stuck her hand out and hi-five Luoluo. She said in a lazy tone, “Agreed.”

“Frightening. You ladies are so frightening.” Lin Feng shook his head.

Luoluo scoffed and pointed at his neck. “Almighty Yun and you are even scarier. You made these marks.”

“Luoluo, you are a goddess. Don’t act like a ruffian.” Lin Feng turned his face to the right handsomely.

Luoluo laughed for some time before replying, “You should understand what I’m saying now, right? There are no such feelings between us. If I’m the only one who feels this way, this relationship won’t form.”