Chapter 1582 - Didn’t Stop You

Chapter 1582: Didn’t Stop You

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Lin Feng finished listening to her and asked, “Did he ask you to stay this time?”

Luoluo nodded. Her smile was still beautiful. “He probably realized that he needs to understand what he’s feeling towards me. It’s inconvenient to say some things. Once the distance gets wider, the feelings will dwindle. He probably wants my feelings to dissipate slowly too.”

Bo Jiu glanced at the tall and slender figure from the corner of her eyes. She only had one thought in her mind. Xiao Jing didn’t receive enough stimulation.

There was definitely drinking on the other side. There was no competition now so there wasn’t much to worry about.

Qin Mo was never interested in other people’s affairs, especially love affairs, but when he saw someone planning to open her arms and hug Luoluo, Almighty Qin decided to activate his reminder mode. He twirled his wine glass and looked at Xiao Jing casually. “Luoluo is leaving. Are you not planning to stop her?”

“I’m not sure yet.” Xiao Jing spoke in a soft voice. “It has been so many years. I’m used to taking care of her. She probably knows this so she bought the tickets and said that she wanted to leave for a few days.”

Qin Mo’s hand stopped. “So that is the case.”

Xiao Jing took a sip of the wine. “Also, after staying together for so long, it’s hard to differentiate between love and worship.”

“You think that Luoluo worships you.” Qin Mo smiled and became interested. “Indeed, she worships you too much.”

Xiao Jing shifted his gaze. “We need some time alone. I need to know whether I’m suitable for her.”

“By the time you find your answer, other people will have discovered Luoluo.” Qin Mo’s gaze was indifferent. “There’s no lack of people liking Luoluo.”

Xiao Jing froze for a moment. When he heard this sentence, he clutched his wine glass tightly.

This action didn’t escape Qin Mo’s eyes. However, some things were meant to be touched lightly. He had no intention of going in depth, but he still felt a little surprised. Xiao Jing was actually worried that someone would misunderstand her feelings towards him.

If it was other people, he wouldn’t care, but that person was Luoluo.

Since he cared about her feelings so much, why did he still need to find an answer?

This was probably what other people meant when they said a third-party sees through everything.

The bunch of people continued drinking. The meal to send someone off was always exceptionally long.

When they saw Luoluo entering the high-speed railway station, the hugs still came. Everyone hugged her. Only Xiao Jing wasn’t there.

During the meal, he received a call. His teacher suddenly felt unwell and wanted him to go over.

At first, he thought that his teacher was seriously ill. Unexpectedly, his teacher just wanted to be his matchmaker.

His teacher was an amiable-looking scholar with a pair of glasses and white hair. “You are both my students. I wanted to say this a long time ago but I noticed that you are focused on your research so I didn’t mention it. Now, when my health is still good, let me tie you up. Xiao Jing, I think that your junior sister is not bad. You can try and date her…”

“Teacher, why are you suddenly saying this to senior brother?” The lady blushed and raised her head. She glanced at Xiao Jing shyly but she was feeling happy inside.

Xiao Jing didn’t look at her. Instead, he stood up and replied, “Teacher, I don’t have any intention of doing that.”

The teacher paused for a second. He was worried that the atmosphere would turn cold so he said, “Don’t be so certain. I know you well. You aren’t very well-versed in this aspect. You can interact with your junior sister first. In the future…”

“There’s no future.” This was the first time Xiao Jing was so impolite to an elder. “Teacher, if you’re feeling alright, I will leave first. I need to send someone off.”