Chapter 1583 - : Untitled

Chapter 1583: Untitled

The teacher had never seen his favorite student leaving in such a hurry before. He turned and looked at his other student. “Who is your senior brother going to send off?”

“I’m not sure either.” The lady lowered her head. Then, she smiled and continued, “It’s probably his teammate. I heard that someone is retiring from his team. You know that senior brother takes good care of his team members.”

“I see.” The teacher smiled. “Your senior brother is not an easy person to interact with. He has never thought of getting into a relationship either. Don’t be too impatient. Let everything happen naturally. As your teacher, I hope that the two of you will get together, but I have to remind you of one thing. Don’t force it.”

The lady paused for a second. She nodded and replied, “Teacher, do you think that I’m that kind of person? I like senior brother but I won’t force him. But, everyone is talking about taking the initiative now. You know senior brother. If I’m not proactive, he will never think of me.”

“You’re right.” The teacher stood up. “Alright, your senior brother has left. Let’s go to the research lab to take a look.”

The lady acknowledged her teacher. However, this time, she seemed a little absent-minded.

This was all because of Xiao Jing’s reaction.

She received a piece of news that that lady was leaving today. From her perspective, some people were able to stay beside Xiao Jing and enjoy his care even though they weren’t worthy of his time. This kind of person should wake up and shouldn’t think that his concern was love.

This time, that lady should finally understand.

She did follow her senior brother’s team even though it didn’t affect her and was far from her life circle. But, she was still able to understand what kind of lady the person was from other people’s opinions.

She didn’t come from a good background and wasn’t well-educated. She was just a little popular on the internet. Did she think that she was really a goddess? After she retired, she would be nothing. Her popularity would be gone soon and she would be worthless. However, she wasn’t entirely shameless. She still left voluntarily.

This was the female student’s real thoughts.

At the high-speed railway station, Luoluo had already passed the security checkpoint.

Many people didn’t know what this lady had experienced in her life. Even now, when Bo Jiu looked up, all she saw was her smile. She was natural and graceful, just like the first time she saw her.

When other people didn’t support her, Luoluo was the first professional female player in the esports industry to speak up for her. She called her her ‘male idol’ regardless of her gender. It sounded intimate and sweet.

Bo Jiu promised Director Huang that when he was in position, she wouldn’t fool around, but when she saw Luoluo’s back view, she wasn’t able to control herself.

She lifted her hand and pulled Luoluo’s wrist. She said in a voice only the two of them could hear, “Don’t leave. I will hack those things that made you unhappy.”

“Actually, they’re not important.” Luoluo thought for a moment before opening her mouth. “Indeed, they make me sad but they are not important. The most important thing is, I got to know all of you. I have never regretted becoming a professional esports player. Although I met many issues that made me think that I couldn’t continue anymore, it also allowed me to understand my value. It allows me to gain the love of many people. If my hands get itchy in the future, I will find you for a game. I know that you are tired too but I really hope that I can continue to see you playing. That way, I can point to the computer and say ‘Look, I know this exceptionally handsome person. I’m her goddess.’”