Chapter 1584 - Untitled

Chapter 1584: Untitled

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“Okay, just send me until here.” Luoluo turned after she finished speaking.

Bo Jiu’s gaze became darker.

Luoluo was really happy that this person came to send her off.

Actually, many times, she was already very tired, but she still wanted to persevere. In the past, there was a long period of time where she wondered if she should give up or not.

Every single professional esports player would probably experience this stage. Sometimes, when there were many discussions about them, they wanted to turn off all forms of communication.

They were tired. They didn’t want to like it anymore or think about whether it was worth it or not.

This was a thought that would always appear. If it wasn’t for the new lineup of the Supreme Alliance this year she would have considered retiring during the competition in Spring.

Condition was an ambiguous thing for an esports player. Many people were scolded until they built a defense wall in their hearts. Thus, when they were playing in a competition, they started to have other considerations. They would wonder if their way of fighting would cause the entire game to collapse.

The more they cared, the worse the results.

Luoluo had such a period in her life too. In the end, she didn’t know if she got used to it or she became numb.

That was the time when she saw that person. When she knew that Spade Z was a lady a force seemed to be telling her that a lady could rely on her abilities too. Thus, she still hoped that in some moments of her life, when she looked up, she would be able to see that figure doing extreme tower kills.

Many people didn’t understand what love actually is. Luoluo felt that it was probably the feeling when you want that person to stand in that position forever. Or maybe it was the moment when you suddenly stopped in your tracks because you saw them being recognized on the internet.

She hoped that other people would be able to complete the things that she couldn’t.

Even if she didn’t manage to get the person she liked, she never regretted knowing them.

When there were a bunch of people surrounding her, she didn’t feel anything.

After the high-speed railway really started moving Luoluo turned her head and leaned against the window. Even her tears were silent. She lifted her hand and pulled her hat lower so that other people wouldn’t be able to see her.

As a young lady, she could cry openly. However, as a professional esports player, she couldn’t.

Just like what Cat Cat Bear said in the past, many people were watching their matches, much less what they revealed during their real life. Also, some time would be needed before her retirement issue calmed down.

To Luoluo, she wasn’t afraid of being forgotten by anyone. However, she still felt that this was what would happen.

When you parted with someone you were familiar with, you wouldn’t talk about the same topics with him anymore. You might know what happened to him, but he wouldn’t know what happened to you. No one would tell him that.

Their lives were originally different. Once they stopped their relationship as teammates their feelings towards each other would dwindle.

She didn’t know if they would feel awkward the next time they meet in the future.

Luoluo raised her eyelids and looked at the scenery that was flying back outside the window.

All these years she liked someone. From the start until the end, she liked him seriously and shyly.

She knew that if she went back like this, she would have to face the problems at home, but Luoluo still chose this path. It was about time for the rebellious young girl to go home.

Luoluo didn’t know if playing esports used up all her enthusiasm and courage. No matter how other people mocked her, she still wanted to stay there and play esports. She wanted to tell everyone that she could do it. Hence, in her love relationship, she was very timid.

But, after some time, when she thought about it again, she did make use of his care and concern even though she knew that he hadn’t confirmed what his feelings towards her were.

That was a little despicable.

He was her captain. Even if they weren’t able to become a couple, he was still her captain.