Chapter 1585 - Captain Xiao Has Been Enlightened

Chapter 1585: Captain Xiao Has Been Enlightened

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When Xiao Jing came, the high-speed railway had already left.

The members of the Supreme Alliance were going to leave too.

Lin Feng patted his shoulder when he saw the person. “Poker Face Xiao, I really don’t want to say this but you’re bad at handling a relationship.”

Yun Hu didn’t express his opinion. After all, this person was a piece of white paper when it comes to relationships.

“If I were you, I would use the power of my family to stop the high-speed railway.” Lin Feng looked at Bo Jiu after he spoke. “Is that right?”

Bo Jiu’s tone was casual. “You read too many novels. No one can stop a high-speed railway without a valid reason. However, it’s possible to hack into the railway system.”

“Be obedient, both of you.” Qin Mo pulled Bo Jiu’s collar. His side profile was handsome. “I will take this person away. You can think about what you want to do.”

The last sentence was obviously directed at Xiao Jing.

Xiao Jing stood there and raised his head. He looked at the direction of the railway entrance. He felt that he would probably be unable to get used to this feeling.

Besides this feeling, he also wanted to know what else he would feel.

He swiped the screen of his phone. He didn’t receive any messages. It seemed as though he was already starting to feel weird…

A new MID joined the Xiangnan Team. The MID was someone the netizens loved very much. The club had their considerations too. There were many troubles when Luoluo was on the team. To prevent them from happening again, this time, they viewed their fan’s opinions with the utmost importance and invited this MID into their team.

The new MID was also a lady. She had a likable personality. She knew that Zhao Sanpang loved to eat so she brought many snacks over. When Xiao Jing was training, she even passed him a bottle of mineral water.

There seemed to be no problem at all. It felt as if replacing someone was a simple task. You just need to find a new person.

The three of them started a live stream together.

The young lady was online before the planned time. She turned on her camera and smiled sweetly as she did a self-introduction to everyone.

Zhao Sanpang continued playing his powerful TOP.

Xiao Jing was an assassin. He was based in the wild.

As for the other two members, they were normal players that were randomly allocated. After all, the young lady was a professional player so her operations were above average.

But… her reinforcements were too slow. When she was playing, she even turned her head and asked Xiao Jing, “Almighty Xiao, did I do the right thing by releasing this skill?”

“Yes.” Xiao Jing’s finger seemed to stop moving for a split second after he replied to her.

At this moment, the young lady was still talking, “The two teammates that got assigned to us, you must protect me.”

Zhao Sanpang wanted to finish this game as soon as possible when he heard this.

Xiao Jing silently took some kills.

Zhao Sanpang finally managed to calm down.

The three of them won this round, however, the feeling was different.

Their way of thinking was different.

The reinforcement was too slow. The lady also kept asking for protection.

These problems probably existed because they needed to get used to playing with the new team member.

Zhao Sanpang even suspected that there was something wrong with his condition. After he walked out of the base, he tilted his head and lit a cigarette. He was extremely frustrated.

Actually, some old fans of the Xiangnan Team were able to notice it. Their Master Fatty’s condition wasn’t right. No, it wasn’t just their Master Fatty. Even Almighty Xiao’s finances weren’t as high as before.

They won but their speed slowed down by a lot. What was the matter? However, their results were still beautiful.

The fans that chose this lady as a member of the team felt that this person gave new energy to the Xiangnan Team. It was much better than the rigid and inflexible team in the past. But, the people that were playing the game were Zhao Sanpang and Xiao Jing.

Especially Zhao Sanpang. He had twice as much pressure as the TOP. A normal player wouldn’t be able to see this.

This wasn’t a game that required you to defend the tower until you die.

Just looking at the last hit techniques this new lady wasn’t just a level below Luoluo. But, unless you were a high-level player, you wouldn’t be able to see this.

Even Zhao Sanpang felt that it was because he wasn’t used to the new teammate when he saw their beautiful results. He felt that it had nothing to do with anything else.

As if that was the truth Zhao Sanpang grabbed his hair furiously.

Sometimes, he didn’t understand why some people wanted to kick a player out.

At first, he wanted to control his emotions. In the end, he didn’t manage to. He kicked the rubbish bin.

When he turned his head, he saw Xiao Jing who was walking out of the training room.

“Are you in a bad mood?” No emotions could be seen on Xiao Jing’s handsome face.

Zhao Sanpang felt that if he continued keeping quiet, he would die of frustration. “Who chose her? Can we kick her out? Are we really going to play with her? A professional player is asking other people to protect her and the audience still feels that it’s alright. They are in a good mood. These people aren’t looking at techniques. They just like whoever they feel is pleasing to their eyes. There’s nothing wrong with this, but we are the ones participating in the competition!”

Xiao Jing didn’t say anything as he listened to Zhao Sanpang.

Zhao Sanpang took another whiff of the cigarette. “There were three rounds of forced attacks on the top lane but that lady didn’t come and help at all. Fine, I’m a professional TOP so I’m able to handle the attacks but what if we are fighting with other professional esports teams? Is she going to continue guarding the middle lane all the way? She used her life to protect the tower so she couldn’t die at all. Her results were beautiful!”

Xiao Jing remained quiet. No one knew what he was looking at. His expression seemed a little indifferent.

Zhao Sanpang felt that the situation wasn’t right so he restrained himself a little and continued, “Captain, I’m not complaining. I really can’t stand her. How are we going to fight in competitions in the future? Are we going to play so timidly? Luoluo is shy in loving you, but she’s different when she’s playing games. You know how fast her reinforcements are. With her in the middle lane, your jungling speed will be faster. She knows how to deal last hits so she can take care of the top lane too. A good MID… Damn it, a good MID isn’t someone with beautiful results. What do these people know!”

When he finished this sentence, Zhao Sanpang had already given up on hoping that his captain would reply to him.

The famous poker face and quiet player in this circle. That was their captain. That little genius from the Supreme Alliance should come to their team and stay with their captain. They wouldn’t have to speak to each other and could just stay quiet all the time.

Just as Zhao Sanpang sighed and prepared to do an intellectual ending.

Xiao Jing finally opened his mouth. His voice was indifferent. “I wasn’t thinking about these things.”

Zhao Sanpang gave a look of disbelief. He was really furious now. “Captain, it is a little heartless for you to say this. Let’s not talk about the other aspects of Luoluo. However, you should know how well she plays. The Golden Triangle isn’t a nickname that was given without a reason. When the team didn’t have an ADC in the past, she was able to step in. She…”

“I didn’t think about these things. I was just purely thinking about her.” Xiao Jing interrupted Zhao Sanpang’s speech.

Zhao Sanpang started stuttering when he heard this. “Captain, what you mean, you mean…”

“I miss her.” Emotions finally appeared in Xiao Jing’s eyes. “Not because she was a member of the Xiangnan Team and not because of her operations.”

Zhao Sanpang froze for a moment. “This, this is normal.”

What the f**k, was he showing signs of love?

“You can continue playing later.” Xiao Jing lifted his hand and unzipped his team jacket.

Zhao Sanpang was a little confused. “Me? Me and who?”

“The new members of the team.” Xiao Jing had already thrown his team jacket into Zhao Sanpang’s hand.

Zhao Sanpang was stunned as he held the cigarette in his mouth. “Wait, captain. Didn’t you say that this is our adjustment period so we need to play as a three-person team?”

“I don’t think I can to it”