Chapter 1586 - Untitled

Chapter 1586: Untitled

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Zhao Sanpang was certain he was fed dog food.

“No, Captain, even if you don’t have the intention of breaking her in …”

Xiao Jing didn’t wait till he was done. “I’m going to get Luoluo, are you going to continue wasting my time or are you going to hold up the act?”

“F*ck, do you have to ask?!” Zhao Sanpang extinguished his cigarette. “I’m best at that. Captain, you shouldn’t have allowed Luoluo to leave back then. Why are you doing this, how long has it been? It has only been one day, just one day and you’re going to get her back, you…”

“Why do you want to get Sister Luoluo back? Did I not do enough?” The new mid laner followed them when she saw them leave the training room together but she hadn’t expected to hear that conversation. “Sister Luoluo has retired and hence, wouldn’t be suited to remain in the team.”

Xiao Jing glanced over without any expression, even his gaze was a little cold. He said to Zhao Sanpang, “Tell her that Luoluo is doing well.”

With that, he disappeared from the walkway.

The midlaner was confused. “Was my battle result bad?”

“It’s not bad.” Zhao Sanpang took a moment but decided not to be a hypocrite. “But it’s not on the same level as Luoluo. However, you don’t have to worry, the Captain is going to get Luoluo but it isn’t for her to return to the team. Since she has retired, she wouldn’t return to the team unless there’s an exceptional situation.”

The new midlaner smirked. “I’m speechless, why aren’t we on the same level? I know of her battle results as well. When she just debuted, it was indeed impressive but thereafter, when you guys were against the Supreme Alliance, she didn’t seem to be of much use and her results weren’t as good as when she just started out. Her condition wasn’t going to cut it and yet you said we’re not on the same level? Honestly, Almighty Fatty, i’m upset about what you had said behind my back, can’t you just let me know? Why do you have to do it behind my back?”

“Since we were holding a live stream inside, it wasn’t convenient to say it in front of you.” Zhao Sanpang spoke calmly at this moment. “If you really want to know your shortcomings, I can analyse it in front of your face. You weren’t agile and remained in the mid lane. You can say that you are stable but that was at the risk of me and Captain’s speed and pressure. Under such circumstances, it would be hard to tell but once you enter the professional stage, the slightest carelessness would cost your life.”

The new midlaner stilled.

Zhao Sanpang continued. “That’s right, Luoluo isn’t like before, you are younger than her, in a better condition and debut at a better time when people start to treat Esports gamers as celebrities. As long as you can act cute, the fans will like you and you will be able to do well in the industry. There isn’t anything wrong with you. After all, I’m just like you and have the same style, but lady, I want to tell you something. When Luoluo first came out, it wasn’t like it is right now. At that time, there weren’t many people who knew about Esports but she still continued to play. She had walked through all those dark history and wrong paths, she can’t be pure and likeable like others but till this day, even when her condition has fallen, her midlane abilities are still stronger than you. But unlike you, she wouldn’t put pressure on her teammates for the sake of her battle results, and that is the capability of the strongest midlaner in our country. Do you understand?”