Chapter 1587 - Captain Xiao Chasing His Wife

Chapter 1587: Captain Xiao Chasing His Wife

The new mid laner clenched her fingers. “Since you don’t think I’m worthy, why don’t I just leave the team?”

Zhao Sanpang didn’t reply, he realised that some things couldn’t be understood, but since the matter had blown up, it wouldn’t just end here.

Before the new mid laner joined them, she had said she is a fan multiple times, and was extremely happy to join Xiangnan as a fan. She liked Xiangnan in the past but she hadn’t expected the two Almighties she was fond of to be like this.

She directly spoke about it online. “Some people are not what they seem on the outside, they claimed that it was embarrassing to criticise me online but when they went out, they started to pick on my skills. They had also said that the fans forced their previous mid laner away, placing all the blame on us fans. I’m speechless. Many of the fans are still students, they don’t have money but yet continue to support them. They claim to not want anything but we wouldn’t know how they are behind the scenes. They have to behave carefully even during a live stream. Why would they want to chase after a retired player? I have no intention of blaming them, I just wanted everyone to be clear what sort of team this is.”

When the news erupted, Xiao Jing was at the train station.

Even though it was hard to perceive, Xiao Jing rarely took public transport unless he was participating in a competition or when he was with other team members.

This is the first time in his life he was here purely to find someone, and with such a clear intent. Hence, he wasn’t that familiar with the procedure.

Xiao Jing was wearing his team uniform when he arrived. But the team uniform was too striking hence, he changed his outfit with the cab driver, paying him an additional 100 dollars. Even then, he would still need to wear a mask.

There were hunks in the train station, but there weren’t many with Xiao Jing’s aura.

A figure of speech, commonly used on females. However, it was completely in sync with his outlook. Especially when he glanced down at the details on his train ticket. His spine was slightly curved, but there was a hint of clarity, and it made people stop to take another look.

Xiao Jing was holding his phone in another hand.

With such big news, the club wasn’t the only ones who would call. Zhao Sanpang would call as well.

Almighty Fatty went straight to the point. “That lass must be dreaming, I told her it wasn’t convenient since we were having a live stream, I didn’t mean it as she had said. Did she think she would be happier if I pointed out her flaws directly? Shouldn’t newcomers be more humble? I decided to be a gentleman but did I do it wrongly?”

“Nothing wrong.” Xiao Jing replied in a concise manner, but obviously, those two words were enough to make Zhao Sanpang grin. “I read many messages, and in the end, I still had to find comfort from Captain. I am someone that loves resenting others and yet, I was called someone that backstabs. It’s interesting. The company told me to stop for a few days.”

“There’s no need.” Xiao Jing added. “Let me think about it, I’ll call you back.”

Zhao Sanpang grinned. “I distracted you with my matters while you chase Luoluo.”

“I am Xiangnan’s captain.” Xiao Jing replied indifferently. “If you really think you are distracting me, call Luoluo now and ask for her house address. I remembered it before but she should have moved. Don’t tell her I made you ask and don’t make it too obvious, you should know best how to worm out the information.”