Chapter 1588 - Untitled

Chapter 1588: Untitled

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Zhao Sanpang’s laughter deepened. “No problem, leave it to me.”

Immediately after he hung up, Zhao Sanpang privately messaged Luoluo.

“What are you doing?” That was Almighty Fatty’s first line.

Luoluo’s hometown is a small village surrounded by water.

After being a professional for many years, she had savings, but the older the elders got, the more they enjoyed staying in places with limited facilities.

Even though Luoluo had bought a two room apartment in the city, no one in the family wanted to leave.

This time, she returned to her hometown. She wasn’t sure why but after returning home, she seemed more relaxed.

There was internet connection and wasn’t that backward, even the farms had started to do takeouts. However, the only difference was the topic of their conversation.

Over here, no one knew the specific concept of an Esports player. The older generation still thought of it as gaming.

Luoluo’s mother was the most ordinary sort but from her appearance, she was definitely beautiful when she was young.

Unlike Luoluo, her mother liked to sing and had learnt from others, uploading her songs on a singing software.

“Look, look, another fan gave me a like.” Mother Luo pulled Luoluo, getting her to look at her phone.

Luoluo laughed. “That’s true.”

“I will sing another one later, now, I’m going to pick wild vegetables with your Auntie Xu and the others.” Mother Luo carried a small bag as she spoke. “Eating wild vegetables is good for health, I saw an expert analyse it on WeChat.”

Luoluo glanced over. “Mom, those aren’t scientific.”

“Nonsense, how is that not scientific.” Mother Luo tidied her hair, she had to look pretty even if she was only going to pick vegetables.

Luoluo laughed at the side. “The sun is strong outside.”

“We’re driving there, your Auntie Xu will turn on the air conditioner for me.”

Driving to pick vegetables, that’s fashionable.

“Oh right, your phone kept ringing, why don’t you take a look at it.” Just then, Mother Luo seemed to have thought of something. “This time, the person Auntie Xu is introducing isn’t bad. Later when we’re back, we’ll bring you there for a look. He just came back from the military and is your elementary school classmate. He insisted on meeting you when he heard that you were back. Isn’t that fate?”

“Mom.” Luoluo started.

Mother Luo cut her off. “Luoluo, don’t think that our group of old aunties like to introduce you to partners, even though it may be a hobby, we don’t introduce just anyone. The guy initiated the meet up, you can take a look first. I’ve seen his photo, he looks like the type that you like. But if you really don’t like him, you can tell us. Auntie Xu is a candid person, don’t you know? Since you’re back, you should cut off that person in your heart.”

Luoluo had wanted to laugh but when she heard that last line, she suddenly paused. “Mom, how did you know?”

“Three years ago, when you came back for Lunar New Year, weren’t you waiting for a call? You would be smiling when the call came.” Mother Luo wore her hat. “You’re my daughter after all, why wouldn’t I know? It must have been someone you like, hence, I turned away many guys that asked for you. I thought that since you like gaming so much, you would definitely stay there in the future and wouldn’t want to come back but now that you’re back, it’s good too.”

That last line seemed like the most gentle thing, but it made Luoluo realise something.

Her many years of departure and betrayal to chase a career that wasn’t recognised had many things behind and now was the time to take on those things.