Chapter 1589 - Untitled

Chapter 1589: Untitled

Luoluo took a deep breath. “I can go but let me get this straight, I’m not prepared to find a boyfriend yet.”

“We just want you to be friends and if your interests match, you can keep in touch. We didn’t say you have to find a boyfriend.”

Even though that was what Mother Luo said, it was clear to Luoluo that ever since she agreed, her mother’s smile had deepened.

There is no parent that didn’t want their daughter to find a partner when she is of age.

Luoluo understood. She was very against it in the past, but now, perhaps it was because she had been out for a long time.

When she got home, she lived in a small yard, she lived a slow life and would occasionally pay attention to people with gossips. It didn’t seem that difficult to accept. It was probably because she is tired.

When Luo Luo shut her eyes, she could still remember the shocked expression on her mother’s face when she walked in. Her mom probably didn’t even know what it meant to retire. To her, it was purely resigning from a city job and returning to her hometown.

Her mom would still think that she is upset, and deep into the night, she wouldn’t forget to massage her shoulders while she said, “It’s better to stop, you can accompany me now that you have more time. You don’t know but your dad has been anticipating your return.”

This was unlike what she had said whenever she called back home. They would constantly say, “Everything is good at home, take care of yourself outside.”

In the past, Luoluo was afraid of retirement. She wasn’t even sure what she could do after she retired. If she looked for a job and they asked about her education level, she would have to say she didn’t have a graduating certificate. And if they asked about her job experience, was she going to say gaming?

Luoluo had thought about these. She could look into related jobs like hosting, commenting or substitute players, but somehow she didn’t want to.

Hence, the day before. Even though the person she wanted the most had agreed to a relationship she was worried about the gains and losses.

It was her problem, not anyone else’s.

For her to have reached this point. Was it because she had been scolded too much, which caused her to be afraid?

It wasn’t because of those people. Instead, she was afraid that after she had retired, she would have lost the only thing he admired about her.

That was probably the reason.

Luoluo held her forehead and tugged at the corners of her lips. She thought that she could change after all these years. However, an inferiority complex seems to come out the more you like someone.

She wasn’t afraid of retiring now. Without internet connection and after uninstalling the game, she felt a peace like never before.

It was probably because she knew that he didn’t feel that way about her.

She wanted to digest the information slowly. Hence, even her heart could take a break.

Luoluo had wanted to take it slow, but her mom’s words reminded her to check her phone.

Luoluo was expectant when she swiped open her phone, hoping to see a certain someone’s name.

When her gaze swept the message, she suddenly laughed. “Geez, what are you dreaming about?”

But Luoluo was happy to receive a text from Almighty Fatty, she clicked in and replied with a voice note. “I just woke up and am in the yard at home. Almighty Fatty, what is it, something up?”

After asking, Luoluo remembered that the new mid laner would report today. That was good.

Luoluo’s hand paused and she smiled. “There isn’t connection here, I couldn’t see your live stream.”