Chapter 159 - Lord Jiu’s Wisdom

Chapter 159: Lord Jiu’s Wisdom

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“Well, not if it’s just for playing.” The owner of the internet café held the cigarette between his fingers and put on a gangster-like expression. “I will only think about it if we are going after an award.”

Fu Jiu laughed, “What’s the big deal about an award? We’re going to rock the entire gaming world. Think about it?”

Those domineering words shattered the owner’s worldview.

Some customer called from the side, destroying the moment, “Owner, give me a bottle of water!”

“Coming.” The owner quickly put the cigarette in his mouth and grabbed a bottle of mineral water from the fridge. He looked at Fu Jiu again. “Count me in.”

Fu Jiu lifted the side of her mouth. “Cool beans.”

Xue Yaoyao saw all this from the side. She didn’t say much at first, but after they had exited the internet cafe, she said, “That owner has some awesome tricks. He killed all the monsters before I could even do anything.”

“Exactly, a hi-hi-hidden master!” Feng Shang’s eyes were bright. “I ne-ne-never expected such awesome techniques from an internet café owner!”

Fu Jiu laughed slightly, “His moves using his right hand’s fingers were quicker than his left hand’s, and when he picked equipment up, his index finger would hit sideways subconsciously. Only an experienced player would have such little quirks. He must have been one of the professional league players before, but only he knows why he left.”

“I-i-idol, you-you-you knew from the beginning that…he…he…”

Fu Jiu finished Feng Shang’s sentence to save his stutters, “I noticed the first time I came here. He was playing around on his main computer. Why else do you think I asked you guys to come here to play?”

At last, the handsome curve of a sly smile appeared on her face.

Feng Shang and Xue Yaoyao looked at each other. One thing was for sure, the owner fell into Highness Jiu(their idol)’s trap!

Fu Jiu correctly judged his professional skills based on a little quirk… This was crazy!

“Why are you looking at me like that?”Fu Jiu put on a black mask, and she slid her hands into her school uniform pockets. Her eyes were still smiling. “Let’s go eat.”

Feng Shang nodded. “It’s so-so-so cold, L-Let’s eat s-s-something hot! Want-want-want to go to my family’s hot pot place?”

“Your hot pot place is bit too far. Let’s go somewhere close. I still need to go back and review physics.” This was such a painful thing for Fu Jiu to say.

Xue Yaoyao didn’t care where they ate. Eating with friends from online games was already an experience that she had never had.

Feng Shang felt the same, so he excitedly followed Fu Jiu.

When the three of them were trying to cross the street, a group of people came walking towards them from the other side of the sidewalk. They were wearing professional league uniforms, and with their above average heights, they had a huge presence.

The leader was Fu Jiu’s old enemy—Manager Du Ze.

Aside from Du Ze, there was also Fu Ximing.

Du Ze acted like Fu Ximing’s dog as usual. He wore decent clothes, but he was still blocking the traffic for Fu Ximing on the left. “Young Master, this way, this way.”

Fu Ximing saw Fu Jiu walking towards him, and his face appeared to be cold and arrogant. It seemed he couldn’t be bothered to talk to Fu Jiu, and he strode right past her.

But after a little pause, Du Ze disdainfully spoke up, “Why is this little fly just flying everywhere? How annoying!”