Chapter 1590 - Untitled

Chapter 1590: Untitled

“What’s there to see when you aren’t around?” Zhao Sanpang didn’t wish for the netizens to disrupt Luoluo anymore. If he could, he wanted to find someone to hide all of Luoluo’s information.

After the new mid laner had said those words some people would criticise him. And would even go after Luoluo even though she has retired. They really thought she would be back.

In reality, her heart was cold. Why would she come back to such a horrid environment?

Regardless of her adoration, no one would be able to endure it if it always happened.

Luoluo didn’t know what happened but she felt better after listening to Zhao Sanpang. It seemed like that from the start.

“Oh right, you weren’t aware but Captain became strange after you left.” It slipped his mouth after all. “But he should have reflected on the shortcomings of his emotional intelligence long ago. It’s good that you left, Captain will be triggered.”

Luoluo hadn’t expected Zhao Sanpang to tell her this, when she heard news about him, Luoluo drank a mouthful of water unconsciously. “It’s probably because so many things happened recently, and he still hasn’t accepted that I really left. It would be better once he gets used to it.”

When Zhao Sanpang heard her voice, he unknowingly felt a heartache. “You’re right, perhaps it would be better when he gets used to it. Luoluo, where are you now? Are you in the city apartment? I always wanted to take a break and after thinking through, I still wasn’t sure where I should go. I had wanted to go to Jiang City but the moment I thought about Qin Mo, that wife flaunting maniac, I became even more…”

Luoluo could imagine his expression with just his voice, and unknowingly, she laughed. “I’m not in the city, I’m in the village in my hometown. Do you want to come and play?”

“Of course. I may be handsome but I’m still pretty good at physical activities such as chopping firewood.” Zhao Sanpang went all out in order to get her address.

Luoluo laughed again. “Chop firewood? Do you know what era we are in now? I’ll send you the location in a while, give me a call when you reach the county and I’ll fetch you.”

“Send me a detailed location, I’m bad with directions.” Zhao Sanpang added the last line.

“Okay. I’ll hang up now and WeChat you the address.” Luoluo replied.

After Zhao Sanpang received the address, he immediately sent it to Xiao Jing. “Captain, you have to hurry. Unknowingly, through the conversation with Luoluo, it feels as though she has changed, she seemed to have grown up in just one night.”

Xiao Jing didn’t see the message because he had received a call from the club’s manager.

“Apologise? Why?” He asked after listening to the manager’s request. His voice was calm and could barely be heard on the moving high speed rail.

The manager started to panic. “Don’t you understand? Xiao Jing, Luoluo has already left, we don’t have to upset the new team mate because of someone that has retired. I know that the new midlander is lacking in her skills but every team has a transition period and as the captain, you should maintain the balance during the transition period. I didn’t mean for Sanpang to apologise, since this isn’t his fault. I meant that he should react to the matter, say a few nice things so that everyone’s pride can let it pass, especially those fans that have been paying attention to this issue. You should know that this isn’t a good time for the Xiangnan Team to have any negativity.”