Chapter 1591 - : Untitled

Chapter 1591: Untitled

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“I don’t understand what weighing the consequence is.” Xiao Jing was speaking softly. “I only know that the person whom you said was already retired is the most powerful MID of the Xiangnan Team. Because she was in Xiangnan, we could become champions for three years. The person whom you asked to alleviate the situation is the most important TOP in our team. Anyone that plays this game will know that the TOP has the greatest pressure. With him around, I can guard my wild without any worry. The adjustment period is important and there will always be a need to have fresh blood in the team but, manager, you seemed to have forgotten how you should be treating those people that spend half of their youth in the Xiangnan Team. That is what is more important. You seem to have forgotten how much glory they won for the Xiangnan Team.”

The manager never heard Xiao Jing speaking so much before. He knew that this matter wouldn’t be easy to settle so he gritted his teeth and said, “What do you think I should do? The company has to give an explanation. The new MID…”

“I have some words to give the new MID.” Xiao Jing interrupted the manager. “If a person doesn’t even respect her seniors from the same industry and talks randomly because of some non-existent competition, I won’t recognize her.”

“Xiao Jing, don’t you understand the situation now? Every generation is different from the next. The club has to consider its survival.” The manager started speaking from the bottom of his heart. “Actually, you should start self-reflecting. Why do you always keep a distance between you and your fans? This is not popular anymore. You need to unify them. That way, they will have a sense of belonging. This is where you and Luoluo lose out.”

Xiao Jing’s gaze was calm. “So this is what losing is.”

“If not, who do you think can say those words to alleviate the situation? I can’t ask Luoluo to say it, right? I thought about it for a long time before I made my decision. I know that you want to protect her so I asked Sanpang to step in. That fellow likes to joke around so he can just say something casually when the time comes.” The manager still wanted to coax them. He did have some feelings towards them after interacting with them for such a long time. Also, these people still had their worth. They were still popular.

At least Xiao Jing was the one with the most worth.

The manager felt that the other party had probably straightened out his thoughts now. After all, the team was the most important.

Xiangnan was different from the Supreme Alliance. The Supreme Alliance could disperse, but Xiangnan couldn’t.

He had seen how the Supreme Alliance took care of their issues. from the business perspective, these things would only be done by people with no EQ. That smiley fox Feng Shang was becoming less and less like a businessman.

While these thoughts went through the manager’s head he suddenly heard a voice coming from the other side of the call. “If no one says anything, how will you handle it?”

“Aren’t you making things difficult for me, Xiao Jing?” Cold sweat started appearing on the manager’s head.

Xiao Jing looked out of the car window. The second he closed his eyes, he would see the scene of the three of them standing on the awards stage. At that time, not many people liked them. At that time, they still felt that they were nothing. At that time, not many people knew about esports. That was also the time when he had the most important friendship as well as the… love he had now.

“You don’t have to be in a dilemma.” Xiao Jing opened his eyes. His adam’s apple moved up and down twice. “As long as all of us retire, there won’t be any problem with someone coming back. There won’t be adjustment problems with the new members either. There’s no need to alleviate the situation.”

The manager froze. He never thought that Xiao Jing, who always placed his team as the most important thing, would say such a thing. The moment he wanted to open his mouth, he heard the other person hanging up. Then… he wasn’t able to reach Xiao Jing anymore.