Chapter 1592 - When They Are Together, They Are Xiangnan

Chapter 1592: When They Are Together, They Are Xiangnan

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The manager never expected this to happen. All he wanted was to ask Xiao Jing to persuade Zhao Sanpang to say some words to alleviate the situation.

When he received another message again, it said that Xiao Jing had ended his contract.

Initially, there was still half a year before the contract ended. The manager remembered this. He wanted to use this to keep the person here. But, almost immediately, the amazing lawyer of the Xiao family appeared. He pointed out that based on the contract, as long as Xiao Jing didn’t take the game ID with him, he didn’t need to compensate the club.

Most of the original members of the Xiangnan Team had this kind of contract. That was because from the company’s point of view, in the past, they didn’t realize how important these people were. They just cared about the benefits they could get from the game IDs.

Thus, the manager was at a total loss.

On his public account, Xiao Jing just posted a single word: ‘Retire’.

Before the fans kicked up a fuss, Lin Feng was the first to comment on the Almighty’s discussion chatgroup. ‘Welcome Poker Face Xiao to our Army of Retired Players. I just want to ask you one question. Did you just understand that you can’t have both your girlfriend and game after Luoluo left? I remember that in the past, I wasn’t able to find a girlfriend because I was always playing games.’

Yun Hu slowly opened his mouth and said, “Is there a need for me to find one for you, Mr. Lin Feng?”

Lin Feng immediately stopped typing. What the f**k, can’t I make a joke! It’s so dangerous!

Rao Rong quickly sent a message: ‘Honestly speaking, Poker Face Xiao is really old.’

Xiao Jing: ‘To the person above, we are the same age.’

Rao Rong smiled gently. ‘I’m eighteen, thank you.”

‘I’m post-2000s. How shameless can you get?’ Lin Feng couldn’t stand them anymore. ‘The sixteen year olds are going to speak now. What do you plan to do after you retire? I’m recruiting people. Poker Face Xiao, do you want to come? Do you want to come?’

Xiao Jing: ‘No. I’m going to chase after her.’

Bo Jiu sent an emoticon of a dog biting a piece of foxtail grass. ‘You’re finally enlightened.’

Lin Feng pulled his collar and sat on his boss chair. “I will wait for you then. I need a talent like you. I look too young so I can’t control the situation. This is such an embarrassing thing to say.”

World’s most handsome fatty: ‘Why did you retire?’

The moment he sent this message the discussion chat remained quiet for a few seconds.

This was so different from Fatty’s usual style.

‘Is it because of that live stream? Did the club say something?’ Zhao Sanpang was a little agitated. ‘Is it because of me?’

Xiao Jing lowered his gaze a little. ‘No.’

‘Why did you retire then? Is your condition getting worse? You…’ Zhao Sanpang kept clenching and releasing his fist.

‘The Golden Triangle is not here anymore. I can’t get used to the new rules of the game. There’s no point in playing anymore.’

Zhao Sanpang paused for a moment. ‘I understand. I will retire too.’

Zhao Sanpang didn’t inform anyone. A few minutes after Xiao Jing posted about his retirement, Zhao Sanpang posted: ‘Retire’.

Every single professional player’s contract was different. Zhao Sanpang’s contract expired half a year ago. However, he still wanted to stay in Xiangnan because there were important people here. Now, there was no need to.

The two pillars of the Xiangnan Team announced their retirement at almost the same time. After that, none of them came out to explain anything.

Some people wanted an explanation while other people didn’t believe it. There was a huge uproar.

The classic scenes of Xiao Jing’s gaming career were dug out by someone. However, at this moment they realized one thing. Within all these classic scenes, someone’s figure could always be seen.

The tower kills in the middle lane, the ambush within the bushes, the team annihilation when their opponent tried to take over their wild. The past MID of the Xiangnan Team, Luoluo, could always be seen inside.

Many fans of Luoluo couldn’t hold back anymore. They had remained quiet for a long time but this time, they started speaking up for her. “You have denied everything about her in the past but her hard work will always be recorded. When they are together, they are Xiangnan.”