Chapter 1593 - Don’t Want To Continue Liking Anymore

Chapter 1593: Don’t Want To Continue Liking Anymore

Many people were saying this. Of course, some others would say this was only the thinking of fans. All in all, only we could understand how people treated us differently at different times.

Since Luoluo had already retired, she didn’t care about the esports circle anymore. Hence, she didn’t know that Xiao Jing had already retired.

At night, she still needed to attend a dinner.

Luoluo had gone on a blind date before. Thus, this time, she prepared herself mentally so that she could explain her situation. But, the person just smiled when he heard what she said. “It won’t affect anything.”

What did that mean?

Luoluo raised her head and looked at the person sitting in front of her. The person rolled his sleeves halfway up his arms and placed his hand under his chin. He smiled as he looked at her. “At first, I thought that you have someone you liked. Now, it looks like I still have a chance. As long as I have a chance, everything is fine. I can wait.”

Luoluo froze for a moment.

The person stood up. “Do you want to take a walk? We are a little conspicuous here.”

Luoluo wanted to leave too. She smiled and replied, “Let’s go.”

“Your personality is still the same.” The man was quite handsome. When he smiled, it was refreshing. “Let’s be straightforward. You are fine at home but you must have suffered much outside, right?”

This was the second thing Luoluo didn’t expect the other party to say.

The man took out his phone and flipped to the pages showing her information in the past. “Because you were in the esports industry, when I was standing guard at the borders, I would look at them occasionally. I don’t believe them.”

Luoluo’s fingers paused in mid-air.

The man smiled and kept his phone. “I said all this because I want to tell you that I understand you very well. In school, I understood you. After we graduated, I still followed you. When you left, I wanted to look for you to persuade you to stop playing games. I just felt that a lady needed to be aware of many things when she’s outside. However, I was too young then so I didn’t know that liking someone can be a long-term thing.”

Luoluo’s gaze landed on his face. She only said two words, “Thank you.’

The man looked at her. “Do you want to give someone who’s first love was you a hug? Mrs. Luoluo?”

“If I hug you here, the entire town will know.” Luoluo’s smile became more and more beautiful. “For the sake of Classmate Leng’s reputation, I don’t think that I should hug you.”

The man raised his eyebrows. “I’m just a rough guy. Why am I afraid of my reputation? All our classmates want to see you but I stopped them. Shouldn’t you organize a card game and get used to life here? As someone who has been to many blind dates, I can tell you that you should relax more.”

“You have been to many blind dates?” Luoluo wanted to laugh.

The man felt his head hurting. “I rejected them many times but I couldn’t escape.”

“That’s because you are too outstanding.” Luoluo broke a tree branch casually. “My mother said that you are the most outstanding person in town. Even until now, no one knows which unit you belonged to. You’re so secretive so it mustn’t be so simple.”

The man smiled gently. “Not as outstanding as you. If you didn’t leave, I would not have gotten the recommendation for admission. Luoluo, education is important but sometimes, it isn’t that important. Some people joined the army at a very young age and they’re also protecting the country like me. They didn’t graduate from famous universities.”

Luoluo didn’t expect him to know what she cared about so clearly.

“How much information did you read about me?”

“Every time you posted a moment, I would look at it. I find it quite interesting. But, you must be sad to retire, right?”

No one asked Luoluo this question before. Yet now, someone outside the industry asked her. Luoluo shifted her gaze sideways and replied in a calm tone, “Yes, I’m sad. However, everything will pass. Thinking about it now, there’s a huge price to pay for liking some things. I don’t want to continue anymore.”