Chapter 1594 - Captain Xiao is Jealous

Chapter 1594: Captain Xiao is Jealous

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Both the person and the game. For the longest time, Luoluo had been thinking about one problem.

Did she choose the wrong career? She has never regretted it but there were indeed many regrets. It wasn’t how she had imagined. Too many things couldn’t be clarified.

All along, her training time was more than her private time.

The arrival of the celebrity era means that there would be human communication.

The thought was hilarious, if Captain was made to communicate with the fans, what would he say?

For example:

“Almighty Xiao I like you.”

“Captain: ….

The thought made Luoluo feel much more relaxed.

She wasn’t the only one who wasn’t used to it, that person wasn’t used to it either, but he was always so strong. Hence, if it was possible, he would probably always be there.

Luoluo didn’t regret liking someone like him. There were no regrets at all, but she didn’t wish to continue. Likewise, she wouldn’t be able to accept anyone else. Hence, she rejected man in a clean manner.

But the man was persistent, and probably had a good personality because he was a soldier. “I know, do you like ice cream?”

Luoluo realised that people good at communicating with others had a trait, they could steer away from awkward topics naturally.

The man’s smile was faint. “Treat me since you don’t like me.”

The small shop in their small town was ahead. Luoluo agreed and took two ice cream sticks out.

They strolled with the ice cream, getting along easily.

Humans really needed friends. Just as the thought struck her, her phone rang.

Her mother called, and started with the familiar questioning. “How is it? Are you satisfied? There should be hope since you aren’t back yet, we didn’t lie to you, he…”

The volume from her phone wasn’t soft and knowing that the person beside her probably heard the conversation, Luoluo held her forehead. “Mom.”

“Alright, I wouldn’t ask anymore. Oh, let me tell you, this time, I didn’t call to gossip like I did in the past. There’s someone at home looking for you, he said that he’s your team mate.” Mother Luo glanced over at the tall and jade-like gentleman that stood in their courtyard. “He looks familiar, seems to be the person you took a photo with.”

“It’s Brother Fatty! Brother Fatty is here?” So fast? Luoluo was clearly in a good mood.

Brother Fatty? Mother Luo glanced at the person in confusion. He wasn’t fat at all.

“I’ve reached, I’m going in now.” Luoluo said and hung up.

The man beside her spoke. “Look at the road ahead, there are puddles.” But the warning was too late.

The man reached out and pulled her helplessly. “Classmate, watch the road.”

Luoluo wanted to laugh at his tone. “Sorry.”

“Seriously.” The man was laughing. “From the looks of it, it’s probably going to rain again.”

Luoluo glanced up at the dark skies.

While you look at the skies, I was looking at you. That sentence was perfect for the man.

Classmate Leng probably hadn’t realised the emotions in his eyes. After all, she is the only girl he has liked.

Luoluo didn’t see the gaze, but Xiao Jing who had been standing in the courtyard saw it.

Mother Luo was laughing beside him. “Seems like Luoluo is pretty satisfied this time.”

Xiao Jing didn’t reply, his gaze deepening. In the end, he couldn’t endure it anymore and walked over.

Luoluo had her back to the house and hadn’t seen the person behind her.

Xiao Jing took the high speed rail over, but in order to arrive here, he would have to take a car after the rail. In the end, he took a cab over. When he entered the small town, there were many people looking at him.

When he arrived, he was carrying a transparent umbrella, his aura unlike the people here.