Chapter 1595 - I Am Her Boyfriend

Chapter 1595: I Am Her Boyfriend

The skies darkened, and it was about to start raining.

Luoluo felt something falling onto her face.

Suddenly a transparent umbrella appeared above her head.

Beside her, classmate Leng focused on the person walking towards them.

Luoluo felt something amiss as well, and her gaze shifted.

The next second, she stilled and her gaze trembled. She didn’t dare to believe.

It wasn’t Almighty Fatty. How did he become him?

But even in such a misty rain, the man stood holding an umbrella, and he was still wearing that suit. His handsome face did not change in the slightest, but he was holding the umbrella for her.

Soon, the rain fell onto her shoulders.

Luoluo never expected for him to appear, and her mind went blank.

Just then, he asked. “Why did you wear so little to meet your friends?”

Luoluo habitually regarded it as their base camp. “It was sunny when I came out.”

“Mmh.” Xiao Jing replied. He tugged on the uniform jacket with one hand and placed it over her. “Are you going to continue talking with your friend?”

Classmate Leng sincerely felt for him.

“Hi.” Xiao Jing stretched out his hand. “I am Luoluo’s boyfriend, thank you for sending her back.”

Boyfriend? Classmate Leng laughed. “Probably not, I heard from Auntie that she is still single.”

Xiao Jing wasn’t someone who would say much but that wasn’t the case now. “Auntie doesn’t know yet. I came over this time for Auntie to check if I’m qualified.”

Nonsense! Luoluo wanted to rebut, but the next instant, he held onto her hand and his eyes deepened. “Going back?”

Luoluo couldn’t reject such a gaze. Every time she trained till it was late, he would appear and look at her with such a gaze, saying. “Go back.”

“Mmh.” Luoluo glanced at Classmate Leng apologetically.

However, Classmate Leng took a step forward. “If Auntie Leng isn’t satisfied with him, you can contact me anytime, and you can’t ditch the class gathering.”

“I understand.” Luoluo added. “I mean that I will turn up for the class gathering.”

Captain appeared at the right time, saving her the need to explain that she wasn’t suited to date at this moment. But Luoluo couldn’t understand why he would appear and say those things that made her heart tighten.

Mother Luo stood in the courtyard, and when she saw that scene, she felt complicated. As a mother, she was clear that that man should be the one her daughter loves.

Before this, Mother Luo was still wondering how such a person exists. He has such a good aura and at first glance, looks like someone from a scholarly family, which is completely unlike the people around here.

The girl that marries him would definitely be blessed. After all, he is a well mannered child.

But she didn’t think that way anymore. He and her Luoluo were from two different worlds.

As a mother, she would definitely be worried. The moment she saw him, she could imagine his background. An ordinary family would never be able to bring up a child like him.

Under normal circumstances, how could a child like him know how to take care of others?

If he really has the heart. Her Luoluo would never have come back alone and in such a manner.

She seemed to have lost a war and didn’t wish to pick herself up again. As a mother, it made her heart ache. In short, it wasn’t appropriate.

Mother Luo bulged up her cheeks and thought, to marry her daughter, it’s better to know everything!