Chapter 1596 - Captain Xiao Released his Ultimate Skill

Chapter 1596: Captain Xiao Released his Ultimate Skill

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From Mother Luo’s attitude Xiao Jing could see that the other party didn’t welcome him. Her enthusiasm seemed to be less when compared to the first time he entered the courtyard. However, she was still polite. She even asked him what he wanted to eat, but she didn’t give him time to interact with Luoluo alone.

As the captain of the Xiangnan Team, Xiao Jing was a man of few words. However, as someone who came from an elite family, he was able to sense other people’s emotions. Thus, when Mother Luo was cooking, he helped her. He didn’t wear the apron. Instead, he just sat there and helped Mother Luo pick the wild vegetables.

Mother Luo felt that this person was hypocritical. How could a person like him know how to pick wild vegetables. However, she saw him lowering his head and picking the vegetables with his slender and long fingers one by one. He didn’t care when his white shirt became dirty. He just continued putting the tender part of the vegetables in the wooden basket.

Mother Luo couldn’t bear to display her unwelcoming attitude too obviously.

When Luoluo finished pouring the tea, this was the scene she saw after she came out.

She was organizing her thoughts when she was making tea. The appearance of this person was too sudden.

Based on his timeline, he should be adjusting to the new team and have an entire pile of interviews to do. Why did he suddenly appear at her house and was helping her mother pick wild vegetables?

This scene was too unreal.

This was the person that would always be at his research center or a high-class cafe if he wasn’t at the training base. Sometimes, he would wear his gold-rimmed glasses or wear a white gown. She never understood the books he was carrying as he conversed with other people. A scholar family. This was a perfect phrase to describe him.

She would probably be able to see this scene only once.

The more Mother Luo looked at him, the more she felt that his actions were smooth and skilled. “Mr. Xiao, do you pick vegetables at home too?”

“Aunt, you can just call me Xiao Jing. My mother likes to eat wild vegetables too. It’s hard to find this kind of wild vegetables that grow in the North at cities close to the coastline but my old residence is in the north too. My grandparents like to eat them too so I picked them when I was young. After I started studying medicine, I got to know more wild vegetables. I will occasionally use them to make medicine.” Xiao Jing changed his experiments to making medicine so that Mother Luo would feel closer to him.

As expected, Mother Luo’s eyes lit up when she heard this. “I knew that wild vegetables have medical properties. Even the experts say so. Luoluo just doesn’t believe me.”

Luoluo, who was called: Her mother’s attitude changed a little too quickly.

“Luoluo is just worried about you. But, if you see articles that claimed that an expert said something in your friends’ circle, you should take them with a pinch of salt. For instance, this wild vegetable I’m picking now can lower blood sugar and blood cholesterol. It’s cooling too. Yet, at the same time, it’s nature is cold. People with a weak stomach shouldn’t eat them. Eating too much will cause indigestion…”

Mother Luo finally found someone that understood her. She felt enlightened occasionally and Xiao Jing would also compliment her for her knowledge. Other times, she learned new things about wild vegetables. She had to tell her sisters what she heard today. It was too useful!

Luoluo felt as though she was living in a fantasy. Her captain had never said so many words before. In her memory, he was always a silent person who occasionally touched her head. He rarely did anything else. Conversations were always started by other people.

Just as she was thinking about this.

Xiao Jing saw her mother leaving so he suddenly shifted his gaze to her and pulled his collar with one hand. His voice was a little hoarse as he said. “Is this cup of water for me?”