Chapter 1597 - Xiao And Luo’s Personal Space

Chapter 1597: Xiao And Luo’s Personal Space

Luoluo nodded and wanted to pass the cup of water to him. Instead, he suddenly leaned over and placed his thin lips on the cup. The droplets of water tainted his lips.

Luoluo wasn’t a teenager or someone that just turned twenty. She wasn’t someone who would turn and leave directly. Thus, even though this action caused her heart to skip a beat.

She didn’t show any emotions on her face. Instead, she waited for him to finish drinking before keeping the cup. After that, she sat beside him and started picking vegetables together.

If she treated this person as her friend, she would be able to let go easier. She actually managed to fake it for so many years. Now, it felt easier.

She had probably straightened out her thoughts, but Luoluo was still happy that this person came over. It felt the same as Fatty coming to visit her.

Luoluo thought that she was finally able to treat him like how he treated her. She could treat him like her captain whom she once fought alongside with. Just her captain and nothing else.

Xiao Jing realized that there was a slight difference in her attitude. However, he wasn’t able to explicitly say what the difference was.

That was because this person didn’t keep a distance from him. Even when they were eating, she still placed food in his bowl. “Captain, try this. This is my mom’s specialty. It’s delicious.”

“Okay.” Xiao Jing was really quiet now. It was probably because he spoke too much with Mother Luo so his throat was a little uncomfortable. He thought for a moment and felt that it might be because he was caught in the rain just now.

Luoluo served him a bowl of soup and would smile at him gently occasionally. Her eyes were extremely beautiful.

Xiao Jing stopped moving his chopsticks. His gaze darkened a little.

Sometimes, Mother Luo was a rational person. She didn’t let Xiao Jing stay in a small motel in town. After all, the moment she saw this person, she could feel the clean aura on his body.

Although she was furious that this young man caused her daughter to become different, from a certain point of view, this was a part of growing up.

Her daughter was outstanding, but not everyone had to like her. It was normal that no one liked her.

As her mother, she just hoped that her daughter would marry someone who likes her and whom she likes. She hoped that her daughter wouldn’t have any regrets and would lead a happy life.

After eating dinner, Luoluo replied to a message.

It was a message from Classmate Leng. He was asking her to come for a gathering.

Luoluo agreed. So many years had passed. She should take a look at her classmates from the past.

Xiao Jing poured some tea for Mother Luo as he glanced at her. When he saw the smile on the edge of her lips, he felt as if something was weighing on his heart.

He knew who she was replying to. It was the person who pulled her wrist today.

Xiao Jing never had this feeling before, but he understood one thing. He needed to bring Luoluo back.

Blind dates weren’t suitable for her. Marrying her classmate wasn’t suitable for her either.

Mother Luo didn’t say anything when she saw this scene. She just lowered her head and drank her tea.

Normally, in this small town there was no one outside after 9 pm. Occasionally, you could hear the cry of the insects.

The university entrance exam was almost here. Summer was almost coming too.

Luoluo cut some watermelons and placed them in front of Xiao Jing. “The reception here isn’t good sometimes. When you’re bored, you can watch television.”

“Okay.” Xiao Jing placed his gaze on her face.

Luoluo’s fingers froze for a moment. She turned around and opened the wardrobe. She took out a blanket. “This is new. No one used it before.”

As she spoke, she looked at his shoulder again. His clothes were still damp.

She hurriedly found a white shirt. “Wear this first. I bought the largest size. This is a Fanclub shirt I bought in the past. You should be able to wear it.”

“Fanclub shirt? You bought Spade Z’s Fanclub shirt?” The moment Xiao Jing finished speaking, he saw the world ‘Xiao’ behind. His…