Chapter 1598 - Untitled

Chapter 1598: Untitled

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The entire bedroom turned quiet for a second.

Luoluo opened her mouth first. “See if you can wear it. If it’s too small, I will look for other shirts.”

In the past, she did many things. She bought his Fanclub shirt but she didn’t dare to wear it. After all, she was part of the Xiangnan Team. The influence wouldn’t be good if she appeared as his fan.

During that time, she didn’t even have the ability to prove herself. Hence, she didn’t want to create trouble for him.

Honestly speaking at the start, her feeling towards him wasn’t love. It was pure admiration and respect.

He was only a year older than her but he was already so amazing. She thought that she would be his fan secretly. Luoluo was his fan for a long time with this thinking.

When she wasn’t able to get into the Xiangnan Team. When she wanted to give up and stop playing games entirely. He said one sentence to those people that said that she wasn’t good. “I will decide after seeing her play.”

He gave her a chance to stay at Xiangnan.

From that day onwards, she changed from a silent fan into silently liking him.

The moment she started liking him, she liked him for three years, but she couldn’t tell him. She didn’t dare to tell him either. She didn’t even dare to express her feelings.

At that time, no one would be able to accept a love relationship between members of the same team.

Now, looking at the shirt, this was indeed an old Fanclub uniform… It seemed to have exposed her entire past.

Xiao Jing also noticed that Luoluo didn’t want to talk about the past so he took over the Fanclub shirt and started unbuttoning his clothes with one hand. He took his clothes off and bent his back slightly to wear the Fanclub uniform.

When Luoluo turned around, this was what she saw.

Everyone lived in the same apartment when she was still at the base but their rooms were all different.

During one of their earliest meetings, her captain asked everyone to wear their clothes properly even though they were at their base. That was because she was there. Hence, Luoluo never saw this scene before.

There was definitely an impact, but she just turned around for a moment before she hurriedly turned her head back again.

Xiao Jing saw her actions. His lips curled up and he laughed.

Luoluo heard his laughter. She glanced at him with her beautiful eyes. Since the person changing didn’t mind, she didn’t have to care either. However, when he looked at her again, his gaze was extremely intense. It was so intense that she reminded herself that she mustn’t get enchanted.

“I can wear it.” Xiao Jing lowered his gaze and said.

Luoluo put down the pillow for him. “Yes, I saw it. If the blanket is not enough, you can send me a text.”

“Luoluo.” Xiao Jing lifted his hand and grabbed her wrist when he noticed that she was leaving. “It’s probably too late, but I still want to tell you that I don’t want you to leave. Maybe you can consider if you want to go back with me.”

Luoluo’s gaze landed on his face. Then, she shook her head.

The extent was very small.

“I feel a little tired after playing esports for so many years. I want to accompany my mom.”

Xiao Jing’s adam’s apple moved a few times. He knew that he was a little late, but this answer wasn’t within his expectation.

He thought that as long as clarified his thoughts she would go back with him. However, when he saw that Fanclub uniform.

Xiao Jing understood one thing. She had waited for him for too long. She didn’t just wait for him. After so many years, she understood that she had waited for too long to get a reply from him.

She felt scared and worried before, but when other people disagreed with their relationship, she didn’t give up.

Yet, now, she was tired.

This Fanclub uniform. Should be at least four years old.

If it was just a peaceful four years, everything was fine, but he knew clearly her love and her rough experiences.