Chapter 1599 - Untitled

Chapter 1599: Untitled

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“Okay.” Xiao Jing opened his mouth.

Luoluo didn’t say anything in reply.

The thinking in her heart was confirmed. He came here because he wanted to bring her back.

That night, Luoluo had a good sleep. It was probably because she let go of her feelings a little more. The more the other party knew about her feelings, the easier it was to let go.

However, when she woke up the next day.

Luoluo didn’t understand why that person hadn’t left. Instead, he followed her mother to the oldest market in the little town and bought three sets of clothes. He looked as though he was going to stay here for a long time.

Fortunately, he was Xiao Jing. If other people wore those clothes, they would probably look horrendous.

He was the kind of person where the brighter the color, the better he was able to handle it. It was because of his outstanding aura.

Many people started asking when they saw him.

“Luoluo, is that your friend? Your boyfriend? He looks good.”

Luoluo hurriedly explained, “No, he’s just a very good friend of mine. He’s not my boyfriend.”

Xiao Jing heard this sentence when he walked over. His heart hurt as if something sharp stabbed through it.

At first, he had a chance to be her boyfriend forever. What was he trying to confirm?

Yesterday, Xiao Jing kept thinking about this problem as he tossed and turned in bed.

When he saw her for the first time, his first impression was that this person was not bad. Her maneuvering was beautiful and her operations and grasp of the game were good too, but when she lowered her head, she seemed a little tired.

He felt that she wasn’t just a mage. She was also a lady too. That was when he started taking care of her.

Even until now, it was the same. However, who said that you couldn’t like someone you took care of? Even he got stuck in this mindset and couldn’t walk out.

Yesterday, he knew that she was learning to let him go.

Whenever he thought about this, his heart would feel uncontrollably empty. Yesterday, he even sent a message to Qin Mo.

As usual, Qin Mo was heartless. “Don’t come to ask my girlfriend about love. You can just give up directly. Besides esports and scientific research, your enthusiasm towards other things is always brief. Luoluo probably doesn’t know about this. In her eyes, you are perfect. However, now, she should know that you aren’t perfect. That’s right. She waited for you for so many years and finally couldn’t continue waiting anymore. It’s good that she is considering other people.”

Xiao Jing ignored what he said. He knew that this person was sharp-tongued. He just asked, “How do you know that she waited for me for so many years?”

“By coincidence.” When Qin Mo was saying this, he still remembered to look at the person beside him. “Lord Jiu, there’s eight days before the university entrance examinations start. Are you planning to continue playing with the cat so that you can’t marry me in the future or are you going to do your physics script?”

Just when Xiao Jing thought that he forgot about his question Qin Mo seemed to have walked out of the room. He opened his mouth and said calmly, “A long time ago, when your team won your first championship, around that period of time, I came out from the hospital and went to your school to see a doctor. You should know that I needed to find a psychiatrist at that time and your school has extensive research topics. That day, I saw Luoluo wearing pretty clothes with makeup on. She wasn’t wearing her team uniform. She had a little gift box in her hand as she went to look for you. That day, you were discussing some research topics with your junior sister so you probably didn’t see the person standing outside the window. Coincidentally, I was smoking around there. After I finished a cigarette, Luoluo was still there. When she saw me, she asked me what degree I was taking. She looked as though she was going to cry. I was in senior high at that time so what degree can I have?”