Chapter 16 - Made CEO Qin Stumble, Keep Looking!

Chapter 16: Made CEO Qin Stumble, Keep Looking!

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“Spade Z left this too? Because he knew that we were looking for him?” That’s why he was being all sassy?

The cat-like young man carefully observed his captain’s face, and in the end, he didn’t dare ask any further questions.

Fatty nodded slightly. He didn’t even dare to look up at his boss.

At this moment, Qin Mo’s cold and vicious eyes had the color of the ocean in a dark night—dangerous and deep!

From the day he was born, he had always had his way. Those who actually made him stumble…

“Keep looking.”

There was no warmth in his words, causing all the bodyguards’ nerves to tighten!

All the school heads fell into chaos!

At the same time, in the corner of the stairwell, Fu Jiu disconnected the cell phone hotspot on her laptop. She looked up and a smile emerged at the corner of her mouth. “K.O!”

Those who were looking for her must be so angry now.

With this thought in mind, the smile on Fu Jiu’s face blossomed even more.

She enjoyed being disliked, and she made things difficult for those who did so…

However, without her iPad, she needed to buy parts to assemble a small laptop as soon as possible; otherwise, doing any work would always feel inconvenient.

After all, it was still about making more money.

As for that Huo Siyu, she would deal with her later when she actually had the time.

Fu Jiu stuffed her phone into her pocket. With a lollipop in her mouth, she stretched her wrist and successfully blended in with the people who were standing in line to get lunch. She had turned back into that most unwelcomed high school student.

However, Fu Jiu’s plan wasn’t realized.

As soon as she finished eating lunch, the guidance director called her to the office.

Fu Jiu’s eyebrows knitted together. Those people were unlikely to have found her. Then why was she called out?

In the office, there was another person aside from the guidance director. He was in his forties, and he was wearing Armani and a big golden watch on his wrist. He turned furious as soon as Fu Jiu walked in. Who else could he be aside from her slag father?

“Mr. Fu.” The guidance director took a look at Fu Jiu and disdainfully said, “I feel bad for always calling the honorable you to come here, but your son’s actions are such a disgrace to our school’s reputation! Why would a nice normal young man like men and pounce over crazily! That was CEO Qin for Christ’s sake! Is that someone he can mess with however he wants?”

Fu Zhongyi’s chest was already filled with rage, and after hearing CEO Qin’s name on top of all that, his face changed. He raised his hand up with extreme anger in his eyes, wishing he could hit Fu Jiu. “Why do I have a disgraceful son like you!”

“Dad, don’t be like this. Big Brother didn’t mean to.” The one who stopped Fu Zhongyi was his illegitimate daughter Fu Xue’er.

Fu Xue’er got her looks from her mother. She appeared innocent and pretty, but she was full of schemes.

Fu Jiu had already experienced her tricks a long time ago. She seemed to be on her side every time, but in fact, the more she said the angrier Fu Zhongyi was with her.

“Didn’t mean to? He doesn’t have control over himself then?” Fu Zhongyi’s eyes cooled down as he looked at Fu Jiu.

The Fu family had no need for such a disgraceful thing who liked men!

Not to mention, he had messed with the Qin family this time, which would probably affect his business.

Fu Zhongyi then thought about his youngest son. Both were his biological sons, so why was there such a huge difference?

Since this disgraceful thing wasn’t up to it, don’t put the blame on him as a father!

“Since you can’t change this disgusting habit of yours, you are no longer my son from this day forth!”