Chapter 1600 - Stay Here To Accompany You

Chapter 1600: Stay Here To Accompany You

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“Luoluo cared too much about it so she asked me that question without thinking at that time.”

After Qin Mo finished, he added oil to the flame. “What were you doing at that time?”

Xiao Jing: …

He was just doing his research. But, thinking about it, he didn’t have any impression of this scene at all. Just like what Qin Mo said, she was standing in his blindspot so he couldn’t see her.

“From her appearance, she was probably planning to confess to you.” Qin Mo continued in a casual tone, “It has been so many years. If you can’t do it, there are many other people who want to chase Luoluo. The last sentence is spoken by someone else. I’m just passing the message.”

It was obvious who said it.

Towards the end, Qin Mo laughed. He appeared to be speaking to the person beside him and not Xiao Jing. “Xiao Jing retired for Luoluo. This proved that he can do it. This fellow is someone who was so addicted to esports he gave up his family businesses. Think about it.”

Many people didn’t like to link things like assets with love. That was why they could never understand how much someone like Qin Mo or Xiao Jing loved this industry such that they were willing to give up everything given by their family.

But, when they were willing to forsake this dream for a person. They probably risked everything to like this person.

Also, Qin Mo knew what Xiao Jing was thinking. Just like what he said before he left, admiration and love were different things.

If you admired a person too much, you wouldn’t be able to see his flaws. You wouldn’t be able to live with this person for long.

As for Luoluo, she admired Xiao Jing too much.

In the afternoon of this small town the sound of cooking food could be heard everywhere.

There weren’t enough vegetables at home so Mother Luo wanted to ask Luoluo to buy. However, they couldn’t leave Xiao Jing alone. They would be leaving him out. Hence, the two of them had to go to the market together.

When the people in the market saw them, almost all of them looked at Xiao Jing.

Luoluo turned her head. “Do you want to wait here? It’s a little dirty inside. There are many farm animals.”

“There’s no need for that.” Xiao Jing followed behind her.

At first, Luoluo didn’t feel that anything was wrong. However, in the end, Xiao JIng was the one carrying all the vegetables. She was just in charge of choosing them.

Somehow, she felt that this was too intimate. The most important thing was, he looked as though he wanted to stay here long-term. However, there should be many things he had to deal with at Xiangnan. The club wouldn’t allow him to leave for too long either.

Luoluo turned around and looked at his slender and fair fingers that were carrying the three plastic bags. He was exuding a scholarly aura all around him. He didn’t fit this place at all.

She knew that he was slightly obsessed with cleanliness because he did research. If not, he wouldn’t be washing his hands so many times a day. But now, the person who hated being dirty didn’t show any expressions on his face as he followed her past the farm animals section. If there was anything, his face became slightly paler. He might have caught the flu.

Luoluo knew that he was feeling uncomfortable yesterday and got up early to buy some medicine.

He was sucking a tablet in his mouth and was quieter than before. The sunlight shone on the outline of his chin. It was clean and refreshing. It was easy to get mesmerized by this man. That was because there was always a youthful aura surrounding him. No matter how much time had passed, this aura wouldn’t subside.

Even when he was carrying the plastic bag you could imagine what he looked like when he was in front of his computer. This person shouldn’t stay here.

“Captain, when are you going back?”

Xiao Jing looked at her from the corner of his eyes. His voice was slightly hoarse as he replied, “I’m not going back.”

“Huh?” Luoluo felt that she heard wrong.

There were no emotions on Xiao Jing’s face. “I’ll stay here to accompany you.”