Chapter 1601 - Almighty Xiao Is Jealous

Chapter 1601: Almighty Xiao Is Jealous

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Luoluo’s hand stopped moving. If she was the one holding the plastic bags, they would have dropped on the floor by now.

Her heart started scrunching up. She took a few steps before she stopped again. “Captain, you don’t have to use this method.”

“What method?” Xiao Jing glanced at her.

Luoluo took a deep breath. “I really don’t want to go back. I’m not throwing a tantrum. I’m just…”

“Tired.” Xiao Jing continued the conversation for her.

Luoluo nodded.

Xiao Jing stood there and wanted to rub her hair as he did in the past. At that time, he thought that he took special care of her because she was his team member, but now, he finally understood. He wanted to take care of her because she was Luoluo.

They were playing games in the past so there wasn’t much sleeping time. Sometimes, after he finished his game and turned his head, he saw her lying on her keyboard asleep.

He would unzip his jacket and place it over her. Then, he would call Zhao Sanpang over to smoke outside.

He still remembered what Zhao Sanpang said at that time. “Captain, Luoluo works so hard but there are still people scolding her. Why do you think we are still staying in this industry? Luoluo said that she wants to earn money. If it is just about earning money, she doesn’t have to do this.”

He didn’t reply to him. That was because of what this person was like. People that liked her would know, but in this industry, there was no eternal love. Even if someone like you, they might not really understand you. He was a good example. Many years had passed but he just realized how tired she was. She was so tired that she was willing to give up what she loved.

This was the first time Xiao Jing felt his heart hurting. It wasn’t because she was trying to let go of him.

He was just asking himself what he had been for the past few years. He played games and won championships. Besides these, he didn’t care about anything else. In the end, he couldn’t even protect the lady that brought many glories to the Xiangnan Team.

Xiao Jing clenched his hands tightly as he laid his arms beside his body. His voice was still calm as he said, ‘If you’re tired, take a break. I will stay here and accompany you. I’m not trying to do anything. I just want to accompany you.”

Luoluo felt stunned once again. Her heart pounded furiously. What about the Xiangnan Team? Didn’t the new MID just come recently? What about the adjustments between the old and new members? She wanted to ask him these questions, but before she could open her mouth.

A chuckle appeared behind her. “Luoluo, what a coincidence.”

Xiao Jing followed Luoluo’s gaze and turned his head. He saw the person who pulled her wrist the other day. He squinted unconsciously.

Luoluo found it a coincidence too. “You came to buy vegetables?”

“No.” The man walked over. Before he could say more words someone shouted his name.

The man replied to the person and turned around. His handsome face was tainted with sunlight. “Don’t forget about tomorrow…”

Luoluo nodded and smiled too.

When he looked at the person who walked away, the old uncle selling vegetables said, “This child always bought books and stationaries for our children after he became successful outside. Just like you, he always thinks of his family. The two of you are like the golden boy and jade girl of our town.”

Luoluo didn’t reply to him. She felt embarrassed after being complimented. The price of goods in her small town was low. The things she gave to her school weren’t worth much.

On the other hand, this scene appeared different to Xiao Jing. He understood her.

A soldier who was kind and remembered his roots. He even did so many things for his family. All these were characteristics she liked.

A red line appeared on his palm. This seemed to be the only way to divert the pain in his heart.