Chapter 1602 - Untitled

Chapter 1602: Untitled

It was probably because he kept something in his heart.

During dinner time, Xiao Jing’s cold worsened and his coughs grew increasingly hoarse.

Luoluo wanted to bring him to the town’s clinic for an IV drip, but he swallowed two pills and placed his hand on her head. “I’m a doctor.”

Since he knew the problem, there wasn’t a need for a drip.

In the past, he would never wait till his condition was this serious before he took medication.

Luoluo still felt that he should see the doctor. There was also a rash on the side of his arm, probably because he wasn’t used to the environment.

The cold wasn’t that bad, but for those who play esports, their hands are extremely important!

The moment Luoluo saw the rash, she tugged on his arm. “We are going to the clinic.”

She couldn’t let him get into trouble here. Especially not his hands.

After applying medication.

Luoluo was still worried and had asked the doctor many questions.

They were from the same town so the doctor laughed. “Luoluo, your friend has a little allergic reaction because he isn’t used to our environment. You’re so worried about him I thought you had brought your boyfriend back.”

Luoluo was instantly silenced, glancing over to look at Xiao Jing.

He seemed to have not heard the doctor’s words, and perhaps he did. His hand stretched out and landed on her head again. “I told you I’m fine.”

Luoluo watched as the doctor’s eyes widened.

She didn’t know how to explain it to him. Her Captain likes to press down on her head. It was a habit from before, but it was probably rather intimate in other people’s eyes.

It wasn’t just intimate. Luoluo couldn’t see Xiao Jing’s eyes from her angle, but there seemed to be overwhelming gentleness in those eyes. It seemed as though all those emotions were sent to her by that action.

In the afternoon, Xiao Jing helped Mother Luo prepare the vegetables again.

Luoluo denied him directly. “If your hands get itchy, your hand speed will fall.”

“It doesn’t matter.” Xiao Jing replied faintly, so faintly that she didn’t hear him clearly, glancing up to look at him.

At that moment, Xiao Jing’s phone rang.

Luoluo saw the caller ID, it was a number that she was very familiar with.

It was from the club.

Xiao Jing stood up. “I’ll get this call.”

“Mmh” Luoluo replied knowing that he would be going back soon.

Sitting in the courtyard, looking at the setting sun it wasn’t a short call.

When he came back, Luoluo said. “Captain, you should buy your train ticket.”

“I’m not buying.” Xiao Jing replied, his throat slightly hoarse.

Luoluo glanced down and clenched her fingers. “I came back to start afresh, with you here, I’m not able to do that. As you can see, I have my own life now. You don’t have to be worried that I’ll be upset about retiring. Internet connection is bad here and I’ll mostly be playing with the kindergarten children. And occasionally, I’ll have an icecream stick. I would also find another career that I like aside from Esports. I will stay here and be a primary school teacher. Even though my education level isn’t high, I don’t even have a high school certificate but my classmates said that I just need to obtain the teacher’s qualification certificate, and learn based on the actual situation.”

With that, Luoluo paused. “So, I’m no longer that female player that you constantly worry about. You really have to go back.”

Xiao Jing stilled, moving his throat with difficulty. “Actually, you are telling me that you can live well even without my care?”