Chapter 1603 - Untitled (2 in 1)

Chapter 1603: Untitled (2 in 1)

Luoluo paused but she didn’t deny.

Xiao Jing placed his hand on her head again. “But without you, I wouldn’t be able to live well, I don’t want to game and I don’t even want to do my research anymore. Even though it’s late, I still want to say this. Luoluo, perhaps I have liked you since a very long time ago but I didn’t understand what it was like. I thought that I treated you well because you are my teammate.”

Luoluo’s eyes stilled and her heart started beating frantically.

Xiao Jing lowered his voice. “Being a teacher isn’t bad and education isn’t that important. I have a high educational level but yet, I lost the person I like.”

Luoluo opened her mouth and was just about to say something when Mother Luo called them over for lunch.

Xiao Jing glanced up. “Let’s go, if it’s really inconvenient, I’ll leave when the time comes.”

Luoluo was in a mess. During lunch, she didn’t have any appetite. She sat in her own room.

Looking at the things she liked and had kept hidden. She liked it too much. And because she liked it so much, sometimes she didn’t even dare to touch it.

It wasn’t easy for her to have given it up.

It seemed as though giving up on that man was the only way she could truly stop thinking about her gaming days.

The glory. The insults. They would all be far away.

At the end of the day she no longer had courage.

She really didn’t deserve him. No matter what happened, he could stand there without being crushed, but she couldn’t.

The internet was a mystical thing.

Anyone can say anything irresponsible. It can kill your love for an industry.

She seems to have forgotten why she wanted to play Esports well.

It would have been easier if it was just for money. That way, she would be able to do well when faced with a series of plans.

If you like something, it is easy to take it seriously. But no matter what it is, people were the ones in charge and interest was the trend.

The manager of the club had spoken to her about her retirement early on. They had found someone else long before she had left.

It was the Esports celebrity era. They no longer wanted someone like her who wasn’t fresh and would occasionally have dirt being uncovered. The club wanted to remodel and the team needed new blood.

Luoluo understood what the manager meant and knew he wanted her to leave respectably.

Perhaps, not being together was imaginable. He was still playing Esports. And she had gradually started to not like this career. She wanted to fight alongside him. To like the things they both like.

Was the dreams from her youth too beautiful? Only when she woke up did she have a thorough understanding of reality.

Luoluo shut her eyes, covered herself with her blanket and couldn’t help biting her own hand.

It started to rain outside.

Xiao Jing’s voice on the phone was hoarse. “I will go back when she is really happy.”

“Captain, why didn’t you tell Luoluo that you retired?” Zhao Sanpang was panicking. “You’ll be able to gain sympathy.”

Xiao Jing’s eyes landed somewhere. “Forget it.”

“Why?” Zhao Sanpang didn’t understand.

Xiao Jing’s stray black hair fell down and covered his eyes. “She competed since she was very young and thought that playing Esports was a very cool thing, so no matter what she encountered, she never gave up, till now. Since she has woken from her dream, we shouldn’t break too badly. If I told her that even I had retired, her faith would collapse. She still wants to fight with us.”

“But we… can never game together again.”