Chapter 1604 - The Person That Knows Her Best, Is Him (2 in 1)

Chapter 1604: The Person That Knows Her Best, Is Him (2 in 1)

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Zhao Sanpang’s voice was hoarse when he said that last line.

Xiao Jing didn’t say much, just “Mmh”.

There were many times Zhao Sanpang wanted to ask their Captain. Isn’t he disappointed? Was he ever disappointed over such a treatment? But he never asked that question.

The moment Captain said not to let Luoluo’s dream be broken too badly. Zhao Sanpang realised something.

Why he wanted to retire. It was because of someone. Why didn’t he tell that person that he retired? It was to protect that person’s faith.

Even after she had endured all these, she can still wake up the following day with her faith.

Dreams can be recreated regardless of how ruthless reality may be. Memories of her youth would always put a smile on her face.

He didn’t want to let Luoluo know that those days they fought alongside each other hadn’t been worth it.

It was just like three years ago.

Some people remained silent because they knew they couldn’t say it.

No one knows better than him, what he and Luoluo are thinking. Whether it was pure love or the feelings from so many years.

He was their Captain. Sometimes, they thought too highly of themselves. They received so much love and thought that this wouldn’t change. But in today’s era they would soon be forgotten.

They missed the Championship which was very normal.

After the club realised that they could not retain their captain, they started preparing to abandon this chess piece.

It was better for Luoluo to be unaware.

The new mid laner was well liked. She could do the things they couldn’t. Hence, she could stay.

He couldn’t let Luoluo know these.

Others probably didn’t understand, but Zhao Sanpang knew the reasons behind his actions.

When he went, he wanted to bring her back. He really wanted to be with her. Now, he probably wanted her to stay there while he accompanied her.

Which is right, why should she come back?

Zhao Sanpang raised his eyes and glanced at the news released by the club. And some of the comments. “I really don’t understand why Almighty Xiao did that.”

“Almighty Xiao is officially dead.”

“Zhao Sanpang too.”

“Didn’t the new mid laner just want to practice?”

“That’s too much, and they didn’t give the fans an explanation.”

Zhao Sanpang had been reading till now and no longer had any emotions, he shut his computer, stood up and couldn’t help asking. “Captain, have you regretted playing Esports?”

Xiao Jing paused for a moment and replied. “I’ve regretted it.”

Zhao Sanpang felt upset, he was really upset.

Xiao Jing glanced out the window into the night. “I regretted when Luoluo retired. When I saw the things people said, the decisions made by the club,and when I watched her leave, I really regretted it. But if it wasn’t for Esports, I wouldn’t have met you guys.”

Zhao Sanpang paused again.

Xiao Jing smiled, his voice low. “That’s enough.”


Zhao Sanpang cried horribly.

No one understood that feeling.

The next day Luoluo woke up very early.

She initially thought that she wouldn’t bump into him, but when she reached the courtyard, she saw him wrapping gauze with one hand, attending to the flowers she raised.

It was drizzling outside, some of the droplets falling on his hair.

Luoluo glanced at the bookish air around him, and a thought struck her. Such a youngster in white really shouldn’t belong to the human world.

“I’ll send you there.” Those were his first words.

Luoluo lowered her eyes. “They are all my classmates.”

“I’ll be outside, I won’t go in.” Xiao Jing glanced sideways and when his hand was about to land on her head, he realised she had done her makeup today, her originally beautiful features were more prominent. His fingers clenched and he retracted his hand, taking the umbrella at the side. “Let’s go.”