Chapter 1605 - Ridiculed

Chapter 1605: Ridiculed

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The two of them were under one umbrella.

They didn’t walk far.

Luoluo has a car but she didn’t drive well. The first time she drove around the island, the engine turned off. Back then, Zhao Sanpang laughed at her for a very long time. Now, her driving skills were still bad. Especially when there is such a person.

Xiao Jing probably saw through it.

He glanced over. “Let’s change seats.”

Luoluo gave way generously and sat in the passengers seat, glancing at him occasionally.

When she heard his occasional coughs, she couldn’t help passing him a box of lozenges.

Xiao Jing sucked on one. He was completely different from Qin Mo, and would never try to gain her sympathy with his weakness. Even Zhao Sanpang had said, “Captain, if you were half as despicable as Qin Mo, you would have gotten her already.” But people were bound to be different.

Luoluo liked Xiao Jing. The Xiao Jing who was like that.

From a teenager to a man. She has seen it all. He spoke little and didn’t have many expressions.

“Address?” Xiao Jing coughed, his fingers pressing the navigation system.

Luoluo told him the location. It was close, less than half an hour by car.

Xiao Jing didn’t drive immediately, he glanced at Luoluo, turned over and fastened her safety belt with one hand.

Luoluo’s breathing was tight, her heart too, but he was still a gentleman. He moved his hands after fastening it properly.

His side profile was exceptionally pale.

The memory of his face was still etched in her mind when she entered the hotel.

“Luoluo.” Someone walked forward.

Luoluo glanced up, it was Classmate Leng.

“Almost all of them have arrived, you should hurry in, I’ll wait for the rest.” He was still smiling brightly.

Luoluo replied. “Okay.”

In reality, she was distracted. When she entered, she had to force herself to focus and smile when others came to greet her.

But Luoluo’s arrival made some people feel uncomfortable. For instance, Li Xuan, who has liked Classmate Leng for a long time. She looked at her dress and the face that didn’t seem to have a trace of time. She picked up the wine glass and chuckled softly. “Luo Luo hasn’t changed after so many years. It’s really enviable, but I thought you would’ve stayed in the big city and would never come back. After all, when you went there, you left just one sentence, ‘The big city isn’t easy.’ ”

Luoluo glanced over and replied candidly, “Mmh, it isn’t easy.”

“I know many people that couldn’t survive the big city, and want to come back to our small area to flaunt.” Li Xuan continued to laugh. “After all, news doesn’t travel well in our small area.”

The Internet is a strange place. It would train you better than reality. Hence, the moment Li Xuan spoke, Luoluo immediately understood what she wanted to say. She placed her wine glass down and shook it lightly twice. “You can go straight to the point.”

“What point do I want to say?” Li Xuan’s finger moved. “Talking about it is rather troublesome, I’ll send it into the group chat so that the other classmates would know as well. It’s about how our Beauty Luo is being talked about.”

Luoluo laughed. “Go ahead.”

Li Xuan didn’t believe she would be indifferent. She had researched a lot about Luoluo because of the gathering today, so that the others knew what happened to her.”

The reason she came back was because she didn’t have anywhere else to go.

It proved to be effective. In less than three minutes some people were looking at Luoluo differently.