Chapter 1607 - : Untitled

Chapter 1607: Untitled

When she heard that last line Luoluo couldn’t resist it anymore. She hung up and ran to the underground carpark.

She didn’t even ask where Xiao Jing was exactly, because she was worried that her voice would turn hoarse when she spoke. She could still remember her car.

But when she ran over many things appeared in her brain.

When she was still very young, she had walked out with her bag. Back then, she didn’t know the things she would encounter or the type of people she would meet and whether she could turn gaming into a skill. Thereafter, she was loved and hated. She joined the Xiangnan team and won the championships.

She thought that it didn’t matter if she was afraid of the dark, as long as she could make herself shine. But what should she do if she couldn’t make herself shine?

Now, she realised, both places didn’t want her, but there will always be somewhere that she could go. That is her captain, and also the person she has never regretted falling for.

After all these years, what she learnt the most was to be guarded. So many people didn’t understand but he did. Hence, he would caress her head silently every time.

It didn’t seem to matter that she hated something that was once her passion. Because that person is still around.

Xiao Jing was sitting in the car with his throat burning. He looked at the phone many times. He thought about whether he should go up.

His eyes were fixed outside. And he was analysing his personality.

Rather than a confirmation, he was worried that he would see someone else in those eyes. The worship would be shattered. He didn’t want to live in her worship. He regretted coming over.

Transitioning from worship to love wasn’t impossible.

Qin Mo’s insult was right, he deserved to be unwanted.

Xiao Jing leaned back and looked further. He was exhausted but couldn’t fall asleep. He was wondering which stage they had reached.

At a class gathering, they would definitely say they are a compatible pair.

Xiao Jing clenched his fists. He has never felt like this before. He simply didn’t like someone. Regardless of whether that person is good or not, or if that person is really compatible with her. He would feel jealous.

Yes. Acknowledging it wasn’t difficult. He was so jealous he was going crazy.

Xiao Jing wanted to go up now to take her away. He had such impulses but he knew that after leaving that place, she could feel at ease in this place.

Zhao Sanpang asked if he was disappointed. He hadn’t thought about it before. He just wanted to continue playing together.

It wasn’t any different from before. Even when their fans no longer supported them, they could start over as long as they were together. But sometimes, he would feel helpless when he saw too clearly.

No more games. Unless there is a day they can all come back.

In reality, they are older and could no longer set up a team. Hence, they stopped gaming.

Xiao Jing coughed. His fingers swiped the phone and was still on the reply page from before.

Just as he was about to reply his car door was pulled open.

It was Luoluo. She stood there, her long hair a little messy, like seaweed, emphasising her defined features, her fiery red dress was fierce, just like the first time they met.

She stabilised her breath before speaking. “Captain, no, Almighty Xiao, I used to be your fan and loved watching your facial expressions when you game. Later, I became your team mate, after interacting with each other, the worship started to reduce and became greed. I wanted to become closer to you, to become a special presence that could be with you even when I don’t game anymore.”