Chapter 1608 - : Untitled

Chapter 1608: Untitled

After Luoluo finished speaking, her eyes were bright. “Are you willing?”

Almost instantly Xiao Jing reached for her hand and hugged onto her, his voice hoarse. “I should be the one saying those words.”

All Luoluo could hear was her rapid heartbeat. “But you aren’t good with words and I can’t wait any longer, so I will start first. I wouldn’t know how long the wait would be if I waited for you. All you know is to shoulder the problems for us.”

Xiao Jing’s hand stilled. “You found out? Sanpang told you?”

“Your retirement?” Luoluo lowered her voice. “I know you did it for us. You don’t have to come up with excuses to make me feel at ease, tell the truth, you like me.”

Xiao Jing broke into a rare smile. “Mmh, I liked you ever since the start. If I really have to date, you are the only partner I can imagine myself with. I thought that it was a habit but it isn’t.”

Luoluo leaned her face on his shoulders. “I’m probably the only fan that managed to chase her idol. After all, a certain someone once said he wouldn’t get together with a fan.”

“You are an exception.” Xiao Jing was still a man of little words but the tenderness in his words was obvious.

There wasn’t much more beautiful than those words to a highly disciplined person. Luoluo understood how lucky she was to become his exception.

If he really said something, he would no longer be the poker face Captain she knew.

But, when Luoluo’s face touched his chin, she stilled. Why was the temperature so high?

She looked at his face, it was so pale it was beautiful.

“What are you doing in the underground car park in such a state?” Luoluo asked anxiously, wanting to bring him to the hospital.

Xiao Jing’s replied calmly. “The only thing I could do was wait here. If I went up, I wouldn’t have resisted the urge to go up and tell your classmates that we are the most compatible pairing.”

Luoluo stilled and smiled. “Mmh, we are the most compatible.”

Regardless of what others said. Those that believed she was beneath him or that she wasn’t talented enough. It was all relieved in this one sentence.

She was in a rush to bring him to the hospital, but she couldn’t drive well and couldn’t allow Xiao Jing to drive with his high fever. Hence, Luoluo brought him upstairs.

Just then, she bumped into her classmates on the first floor. They hadn’t started eating yet.

They were shocked when they saw Luoluo with a handsome man. After all, the man had such a good aura.

Even though he was wearing an ordinary white shirt, it seemed transparent on him as though he was a young master from an ancient family. Gentle and scholarly.

He didn’t seem like the type of person who should be with Luoluo.

“Luoluo, who is he?” Some of the classmates couldn’t help asking.

Li stood at the side and asked. “He doesn’t look like an ordinary person. This gentleman probably doesn’t know what others are saying about our Beauty Luo.”

At this moment, Xiao Jing glanced down and suppressed his cough. He reached out a hand to caress Luoluo’s head. “I know everything about her, we have been living together for three years. I wanted to attend her class gathering but I made a mistake and was reflecting in the car. Now that I have been let out, I can tell everyone, I am Luoluo’s boyfriend. We will get married soon and when the time comes, you’re welcome to attend our wedding.”