Chapter 1609 - Untitled

Chapter 1609: Untitled

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“Get married soon?” Everyone, including Luoluo herself was shocked by his words, but her classmates had the greatest reaction. After all, the man was extremely eligible.

Didn’t they say no one wanted Luoluo? Where did he come from?

Li’s smile froze momentarily and she broke into a smile. “Luoluo’s boyfriend? You had better watch over her, she just went on a blind date two days ago. I wonder if there is some sort of misunderstanding?”

The moment she said that, it seemed as though Luoluo was a girl that didn’t treat relationships seriously.

Luoluo didn’t say anything, she just wanted to bring him away. She was much more confident now because of the person whose hand she held was running a fever.

However, she was held back by Xiao Jing. He placed his hand around her waist and met the crowd’s eye. “It isn’t a misunderstanding, Luoluo wanted to break up with me but I didn’t agree that’s why I chased after her so audaciously. I’ve always known about the blind date. I went to get her that day and fortunately, she chose me in the end.”

His words made them speechless, but there were some who didn’t give up. “That’s because you aren’t aware. You don’t know how many men she has within her circle, I’ve also heard that she has a crush on her captain and was recently exposed. Sir, you are really generous to be able to tolerate her behaviour.”

Xiao Jing glanced over gentlemanly. “Is that so? I’m her captain and yet, I never knew she had a crush on me.”

Momentarily… Li’s face changed. After all, she never expected… to see him in person here!

Didn’t the fans say that Almighty was a man of little words and indifferent to such matters? Why did he come here?

Xiao Jing replied calmly. “It isn’t a crush, we have feelings for each other and for the other point, didn’t I tell you we have been living together for three years? I know the sort of person she is and I don’t mind. I like her because she never bows down to certain things even when she knows that the road ahead would be difficult. She will continue to move forward. She is the best midlaner in our team and that is a fact that wouldn’t change just because of someone’s words. It was difficult for her to have walked out of here to my side. When she was young, she met with a lot of problem but that doesn’t matter as long as i’m her final choice.”

Li was rendered speechless. Xiao Jing didn’t deny and said, ‘I know the sort of person she is and I don’t mind.’ He stumped her of anything she wanted to say.

The other students present vaguely understood the intricacies. Even males would meet difficulties when they build their career, not to mention a female. Moreover, his words were thought provoking.

The best midlaner, what did that mean? Any guy that games would know what it meant. It didn’t matter if they watched professional gaming competitions. This wasn’t something that anyone could achieve.

At this junction, her old classmates could only send their blessings.

“Brother, take care of Luoluo in the future. She was the prettiest girl in our school back then and was well liked by many. Later, when someone sees this, he definitely wouldn’t be able to take it.”

Everything Xiao Jing said today was superb. “I will, I wouldn’t give anyone the chance.”

Luoluo pulled him. “You are running a fever now, if you’re not going to give anyone else a chance, follow me to the hospital.”