Chapter 161 - Qin Mo Is Waiting at School

Chapter 161: Qin Mo Is Waiting at School

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“Brilliant, Young Master Fu is absolutely brilliant!” The tallest player gave Fu Ximing a thumbs up and looked at the teammate next to him. Both of them looked malicious, thinking that this was the end of the scum’s good days!

Fu Ximing really didn’t care too much about Fu Jiu, but because of the issue with the mouse last time, he felt that he needed to give Fu Jiu a lesson. Did he really think that Fu Ximing was still the same illegitimate son who would lie down and take such sh*t?

It was time to show the world who was the only real young master of the Fu family!

Fu Ximing didn’t know that Lord Jiu didn’t give a d*mn about the title of young master.

When teammates meet offline in person, there would usually be alcohol.

Fu Jiu asked for a dozen bottles of iced Budweiser served neat.

Feng Shang felt that he had lost all of his ‘firsts’ even since he met his idol, like meeting online game friends in person, getting into a real fight, like… drinking.

“If you don’t like beer then drink less.” Fu Jiu looked extremely mischievous as she drank.

Feng Shang saw this and replied seriously, “I-i-idol, tru-tru-trust me, I can handle it!”

“Well then, drink up.” After Fu Jiu had finished speaking, she raised her hand up. “Boss, one more dozen, please!”

Feng Shang froze. …One…more?!

“I will start with your strong suits.” After Fu Jiu had entered her zone, she acted like a big CEO in the business world, dabbing her finger into the liquor for a bit and placing the tip of her finger onto the surface of the table. “Feng Shang, your operations are fast, so you take this spot in the contest, be in charge of healing and defending. Yaoyao, you…”

The young man’s face looked youthful and clean. But at that moment, they saw that the young man was no ordinary high school kid.

It was like…like there was an old soul living in that young body.

Xue Yaoyao didn’t know why she would feel this way.

It was just that… when the young master gave orders, she unconsciously wanted to follow even without a reason.

As expected of their Highness Jiu!

With such a captain, there was nothing to be afraid of, even in the gaming contest where masters gathered.

Xue Yaoyao laughed. It might have been because of the alcohol, or it might have been from her excitement for the contest, but that round face turned red slightly.

At the same time, at Jiang City No.1 Middle School, a familiar long, black Lincoln was parked at the side of the road.

There were a few bodyguards standing around, and each of them was wearing a Bluetooth earphone in order to better facilitate their communications.

Whether it was the car or the people, they all exuded a feeling of “don’t get near.”

Even so, it couldn’t stop the enthusiasm of the students who lingered at the school gate.

Many girls were taking pictures while standing on their toes.

The driver was standing outside the car. He looked worriedly at the time on his sliver watch and said to the person sitting inside, “CEO Qin, it’s been thirty minutes already. Should we go first? Young Master Jiu must have already gone home.”

Qin Mo held the physics materials in his hand, and he was tapping on the papers with his fingers. He curled up the corner of his mouth, but his eyes were scary. “Must have already?”

The driver answered quickly, “Let me go ask.”

“No need.” Qin Mo threw the materials aside, and elegantly crossed his long legs. His perfect profile was covered in a thick layer of frost. “Get in. Drive.”

The driver hesitated and added, “Without Young Master Jiu?”

Qin Mo didn’t say a word, but his cold face already expressed everything…