Chapter 1610 - The Almighty’s proposal discussion

Chapter 1610: The Almighty’s proposal discussion

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“Mmh.” Xiao Jing replied. Just before he left, he didn’t forget to invite Luoluo’s classmates, especially her army friend, to their wedding.

Classmate Leng could only laugh bitterly.

In reality, Luoluo had already rejected him. She didn’t give him even a glimmer of hope.

In his heart, he used to believe there was hope as long as he waited. Now, he sort of understood. When the two of them were together, there didn’t seem to be space for anyone else. It had nothing to do with dating. It was something that could only be nurtured with time.

After bidding farewell to her old classmates, Luo Luo took Xiao Jing to a taxi.

Xiao Jing fell asleep almost immediately after they boarded the taxi, probably because there was someone taking care of him.

Luoluo glanced over and her lips lifted, a stunning smile spreading across her pretty face.

After all those years she seemed to have owed him a line. ‘Thank you for your care.’ Which allowed her to experience so much and allowed her to dream. We said that love is the strongest, and we desperately want to tell that person, but as a man of little words, that didn’t seem like what he was like. It’s probably because he was the captain from the start.

Luoluo reached out to touch his eyes.

When the driver saw it, he exclaimed in disbelief. “Lady, the both of you seem to have a great relationship.”

“Mmh.” Luoluo replied. She still felt the sweetness but was more eager to reach the hospital.

Fortunately, she didn’t just drive the car from the underground carpark since she couldn’t drive well and he was in such a state.

When they reached the hospital, he was placed on a drip and slept for less than an hour.

Luoluo was thinking about what he said before about having a wedding soon. According to his personality, he wouldn’t have said that casually. But a wedding…

Luoluo washed her face while he slept. It seemed like a dream.

When she returned, Xiao Jing had woken up.

Luoluo bought two bottles of mineral water and opened one for him. Just as he was about to say something, the phone in her pocket started to vibrate uncontrollably. There was probably news in the group chat.

Only the group chat could cause such a huge commotion.

Luoluo swiped open her phone casually and when she glanced down to the chat, her face flushed. Because the topic of conversation wasn’t anyone else, it was her.

It started from a certain someone. “I just proposed to Luoluo, we will be getting married soon. Please help to tag her, and the monetary gift can be lesser.”

“F*ck, I must have turned on my phone the wrong way. @Lin Chentao seriously?” Lin Chentao added. “You had better think through it, you might die from anger if you marry this unromantic poker face.”

“I just finished lunch, why are you feeding me dog food? @Luoluo Reject him! Marry me when I turn eighteen!” Coco hurrumped.

Your Almighty Fatty is the Most Handsome, “Hahahaha, why does it seem like I’ll be carrying a godson soon?”

“You changed your name again. F*ck, smashed in the face by Poker Face Xiao’s love. What’s so great about getting married?” Lin Feng taunted mischievously. “@Luoluo, wait for me. I would be amazing in the future, handsome and wealthy, an overbearing CEO is best suited to be with you.”

Yun Hu arched his brow. “Wait for you? For you to turn straight?” He then added, “Congratulations @Xiao Jing @Luoluo.”

“I want to be the best man.” Bo Jiu smiled faintly. “When the time comes, the bride would definitely be smitten by me and not the groom. Handsome Jiu, your knight, please goddess @Luoluo.”

Lin Feng laughed twice. “I want to know how Captain feels right now. Even poker face Xiao is about to get married but he still has to wait for your National College Entrance Examination, hahaha…”