Chapter 1611 - Feng Yun Sweet

Chapter 1611: Feng Yun Sweet

Less than one minute after he replied, Lin Feng received a call from his assistant.

“Manager Lin, the contract with the Qin Group fell through.”

Lin Feng paused, his shirt collar slightly opened, and he was half leaning back on the sofa. He immediately sat up. “Fell through? How is it possible, we are brothers with the Qin Group.”

His assistant coughed lightly. “The Qin Group said that you should think about what you had said.”

“What did I say, I just…”Lin Feng paused and thought, how could he have forgotten about Captain vengefulness?!

Yun Hu was standing next to him and after hearing his voice, he raised his eyes from the report. “What?”

“Little spades is really the captain’s Achilles heel .” Lin Feng said. Because of the heat, he wanted to turn on the air conditioner.

Yun Hu swept him a glance. “It’s a small office, didn’t you say we should save on things like air-conditioning?”

“That’s right.” Lin Feng sat beside him. “I’m hot.”

Upon hearing this, Yunhu stretched out his hand and pressed the back of his head, and then, leaning over gently, his thin lips fell on his neck, carrying a hint of coolness. “This, are you still hot?”

Lin Feng stilled. It’s even hotter than before.

F*ck, he brought him over to admire his beauty not to let him play around. This was how boyfriends were. Kissing, that’s all he knows.

His heart started to race. Lin Feng wasn’t a shy person, he held onto his shoulders and pressed him onto the office chair, prepared to kiss him.

Yun Hu arched his brows. “Isn’t your waist uncomfortable?”

“I’m going to f*ck you.” Lin Feng said.

Yun Hu laughed. “Oh?”

What? He didn’t believe in his skills?

Lin Feng had good skills, but somehow, he was weak in front of Yun Hu.

At the start he was indeed formidable, but unknowingly, he was kissed out of his senses. This time wasn’t any different.

Even though he was the one pressing Yun Hu, how did he end up sitting on the office chair with Yun Hu standing? When he stood, his fingers were already undoing his shirt.

“Have I told you, you look really handsome when you work, so handsome I want to have you.”

The sound near his ear was deep and alluring.

Lin Feng’s breathing was out of his control.

“Nex-next time, I wil-will definitely be the one tak-ing you.”

Yun Hu laughed and placed a kiss on his ear. “I’ll wait for your next time.”

But Lin Feng wasn’t done with this topic yet.

A certain Almighty that was waiting to get married sat at the dinner table while the others discussed the business circles.

He spoke faintly. “The National College Entrance Examination is taking a long time this year.”

“Almighty Qin, you’re paying attention to the National College Entrance Examination as well?” CEO Wang laughed. “My son is taking the exam this year as well, seriously, he has been anticipating the end every day. Young Master Qin, you have a younger sibling taking the exam?”

Qin Mo was distracted. “Not a younger sibling, my wife.”

W-wife? The successful businessmen at the table paused.

Next, when they remembered Qin Mo was in his early twenties, enlightenment flooded their eyes.

“Are you worried about your wife’s results? I understand how you feel.” CEO Wang continued to a more ordinary topic. “Everyone is worried during this time.”

Unexpectedly, Qin Mo placed the wine glass down, his voice indifferent. “No, I just want her to finish soon so that we can get married.”

Everyone: “…”