Chapter 1612 - Mojiu, Candy

Chapter 1612: Mojiu, Candy

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How can the topic carry on!

CEO Wang who had wanted to steer the conversation towards a more normal topic stuttered. “Ma-marry… cough. Then let me first wish that Young Master Qin’s wish will come true!”

With that, he lifted his head and stopped talking. It was better to just drink!

Qin Mo’s thought didn’t end after the dinner. After he boarded the car, his assistant asked. “To the office or home?”

Qin Mo replied casually. “To where she is.”

He didn’t need to specify who she is for his assistant to know.

Before driving, Qin Mo’s assistant wanted to send Miss Jiu a message such as “Study well.”

Qin Mo who was seated behind said. “Stop trying to tip her off.”

Qin Mo’s assistant immediately kept his phone. It seems like his boss wasn’t very patient today.

At this moment, Bo Jiu was eating her lollipop and teaching her little disciple how to play her side account so that she wouldn’t get bullied.

Even though her disciple has an aggressive playing style, not many people had an eye for good things.

After listening, Little Mo Bei who was sitting in front of the computer raised her eyes, her voice faint. “Master, you should do your test questions.”

“I don’t have the strength to write, I’m hungry.” Bo Jiu evil smiled, holding her chin with one hand. “How about having hotpot?”

Little Mo Bei stood up. “I’ll cook for you, you can’t eat food that would cause irritation before the National College Entrance Examination.”

Bo Jiu raised her brows in amusement. “Where did you learn that from?”

Little Mo Bei thought about it emotionlessly before replying. “My neighbour is taking the National College Entrance Examination too, her family members said.”

Bo Jiu’s slender body leaned back as she bit on a dog’s tail grass lazily. Her face was handsome as she said. “I’m bored, I want to drink.”

“You can’t drink.” Little Mo Bei took out a potato. “How about potato beef?”

Bo Jiu leaned back. “Life is meaningless without hotpot and beer.”

Little Mo Bei washed the potato, placed it on the chopping board and comforted her mentor seriously. “After the National College Entrance Examination, you will be able to marry Mistress.”

Upon hearing that, Bo Jiu’s eyes lit up, even her lips had lifted beneath her silvery hair. “Alright, I shall bear with it a little more. Your Mistress is more important compared to hotpot and beer. Calling him mistress is good, use it more often.”

Before Little Mo Bei nodded, she saw the figure behind her master.

Bo Jiu had noticed it as well.

Before she could turn she heard a cold voice near her ear. “Mistress? It’s good?”

“I’m her master so you will definitely be the mistress.” Bo Jiu pretended to be wise. “Otherwise, the seniority would be affected.”

Qin Mo smirked and held onto her wrist, walking upstairs. Seems like a certain someone had to be ‘disciplined’ behind closed doors. As for the methods, it always ended with multiple markings on Bo Jiu’s collarbone.

It was the same today.

Bo Jiu raised her head halfway, the curve of her chin carried a fragile beauty, and yet it had a boy’s handsomeness. She lowered her voice, and her breath was a little messy, but her faint voice could still be heard. “Softer.”

Qin Mo held her waist singlehandedly and pressed her against the door, half-bent. His fingers had already unbuttoned all the buttons on her shirt, and his thin lips stopped on the fair and beautiful collarbone. His eyes were so dark it seemed to be suppressing something, and because of such a suppression, there was a fatal sexiness within his coldness. “I will wait for you to finish your…”