Chapter 1613 - I'll Listen To You

Chapter 1613: I’ll Listen To You

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After Bo Jiu heard these words, she felt that the Almighty was too reserved. He didn’t have to wait till after her exams. However, on further thought, it didn’t seem bad to marry him and have her wedding night after her exams.

Qin Mo looked at the evil smile at the corner of her mouth. He raised his brows, and put the coat over her head. It was better not to see her. Especially when her collarbones were exposed. It would make him lose control easily.

Bo Jiu was covered without a reason, so she pulled off the jacket and was just about to speak.

“Do you want to explain the term mistress again?” Qin Mo glanced over casually.

Bo Jiu smiled, and changed the topic naturally. “It’s princess, he has been disturbing my revision.”

Princess who was eating cat food at the balcony: ….Tell me, I’m just having my meal here, how did I end up being shot!

Qin Mo raised his eyes, glanced in Princess’s direction, and then dropped his gaze back to a certain someone’s face, his voice slow. “How did he disturb you?”

“As soon as I start revising, he would want me to play with him and if I don’t play with him, he would be upset.” Bo Jiu said seriously.

Princess was infuriated. “Meow, meow, meow!” It’s you who wanted to tease me and I would be upset when you tease me, it’s in my cat’s nature, how can you blame me!

Bo Jiu smiled lazily. “Look, he wants me to play with him again.”

Princess: ….This is infuriating, but he can’t speak human language! Meow!

A certain someone must have been really bored to have teased a cat to such an extent.

Qin Mo lifted his fingers and tugged her back, his voice faint. “Don’t bully a cat.”

Princess: …Master, meow, fortunately you haven’t been blinded by beauty!

Qin Mo continued, “It will affect your revision time.”

Princess: …Pretend he hadn’t said that previous line, meow!

“If you don’t look at me, I wouldn’t be able to concentrate on my practice paper.” Bo Jiu said lazily. She didn’t forget her mischievous moves, hugging Qin Mo’s waist.

Princess seriously believed his master was in danger of being slept with every moment he was with her! However, his master did not think so and instead, was enjoying it.

Although his master’s face did not show it, ever since he entered, his gaze had been focused on a certain someone’s face. Forget it, since a certain someone had fed him little fish snacks today, he would treat it as a normal flaunt of their relationship.

But he dared to make a bet. If his master was around, she would only look at him and not do her revision papers. She just doesn’t like to study!

Of course Qin Mo knew but under normal circumstances, he wouldn’t reject accompanying her to study. Especially when she had suggested it.

Qin Mo undid his sleeves. “How many revision papers are you left with?”

Bo Jiu was still lazy. “Not much.”

Qin Mo knew her well and asked, “You mean you didn’t do much?”

Seeing that she was exposed, Bo Jiu leaned back and flashed a clear and handsome smile. “How is that possible? I’m someone that finished one entire revision paper.”

Qin Mo glanced up, his expression and voice emotionless. “Lord Jiu sure is amazing, you spent the entire day doing 1/20 of your task. An ordinary person could have finished at least two easily. How did you waste your time, to have only completed one paper?”

Grandfather Butler knocked on the door and came in with refreshments, when he heard Qin Mo’s words, he wanted to laugh.

Young Master Qin’s deadly tongue could trigger his Young Lord every single time. Perhaps ordinary people don’t understand that it’s pretty good for someone to care for his Young Lord in such a manner. And the Young Lord seems to only listen to Young Master Qin.