Chapter 1614

Chapter 1614: Untitled

In order to show that she had done her job, Bo Jiu took out her mobile phone and swiped it twice, smiling evilly. “I was choosing the groomsman’s outfit. Since my goddess is getting married, I would have to dress handsomely.”

Qin Mo glanced at her, his voice calm. “Why do you have to be handsome in Luoluo’s wedding?”

“Always let Poker Face Xiao maintain a sense of crisis.” Bo Jiu stuffed both hands into his pocket.

Qin Mo smirked. “Why? Do you intend to snatch the bride?”

Bo Jiu held his jaw, turned and kissed Qin Mo. She smiled and replied, “Brother Mo, Luoluo is a girl.”

She meant that there was completely no reason for him to be jealous.

Qin Mo smiled, and replied faintly. “The girls on the internet call you their husband, they don’t seem to mind that you are a female and would still want to marry you. What do you think?”

Bo Jiu knew he was referring to a confession from a while back and replied with a cold and solemn expression. “I have a family, and external temptations are totally useless.

Qin Mo knew that her words couldn’t be believed but a hint of laughter flashed beneath his eyes. “Remember what you said. This would also apply after you enter university, you have a family so stay away from the upper class girls.”

Bo Jiu wasn’t interested in others but somehow, she received an unusual amount of love letters recently, probably because she was about to graduate.

Previously, Qin Mo had accidentally chanced upon it. Only then did he realise how wrong he had been about girls being without threat.

A certain someone’s face was indeed attractive. He didn’t just have to guard against guys, he had to guard against females as well. Seriously… he wanted to hide her away from everyone’s view.

Bo Jiu wasn’t aware of his thoughts since the Almighty always had that cold and aloof expression. Her only thought was that, if her father was still around, she would definitely tell him that she was about to marry the Little Princess that she had thought about for such a long time.

She was no longer alone.

Downstairs, Grandfather Butler who had been flipping the calendar paused and he glanced down towards the pocket watch in his palms.

It’s almost that day again. The day his master left.

Every year during this period, Young Lord would be different from usual. It was probably because she was still young back then. However, she had to face separation three times within half a year.

Young Lord continued to believe that her father wasn’t harmed and that he would bring her mother back with him one day. However, it was clear to everyone that that belief was slim. If Master was still around, he would have appeared.

One year passed after another. Sometimes, people have to give themselves hope in order to persist.

Young Lord has never said it before, she lived in darkness; she was carefree and evil; and was so elegant she could always withdraw herself from the night. But every time after she withdrew herself, she would be even lonelier.

The Old Butler knew about it. Many thought that her silhouette is handsome, alone and without restraint. However, no one ever thought about it.

Z once had an enviable family. Her father liked to rely on her mother and was often like a youngster. Her mother, who liked to wear professional suits, was elegant and glamorous, and would make her the most delicious food.

These were things Young Lord once had.

In the year after Master left, he saw the young lord get up during the night, her small figure huddled on the sofa in the living room, as if she was waiting for someone, and the wait went on for many years.

But this year, it was better, she had Young Master Qin with her, she probably wouldn’t be lonely again.